Monday, May 25, 2009

Awek sekolah dan Mat Rempit

Today is Monday and it started off like any other Mondays: slow, dull, unpromising, road congestion and the usual Van Nasik Lemak Ayam Rempah was nowhere to be seen because that tokey takes Mondays as his off-day. How clever, he’s open Tuesday – Sunday and closes on Mondays. I bet he rakes a few thousands on Sundays alone, just by looking at the long queue.

Oh well, I am not going to rant about that Pakcik Nasik Lemak. After braving the Bandar Kinrara congestion, I stopped at the nearest Shell station to withdraw some money and buy newspaper (and a few bars of chocolate… hehe).

While waiting for my turn to pay, the few girls who manned (girls who man? Oh English is weird) the counter was suddenly gossiping loudly,

‘Eh tu budak sekolah tadi, dah tak pakai baju sekolah!’

Everybody’s eyes were wildly searching around hoping to see a school girl who has stripped naked(kot? Oh we were so sick. At least I was sick for having that thought, hahahaha).

‘Patutlah jantan tadi mintak kunci toilet,’ one of the girls suddenly remembered.

‘Celaka betul, dia kata adik dia nak buang air. Rupanya betina tu nak tukar baju,’ another girl added.

‘Ni mesti nak pegi keluar dating dengan jantan tu,’ the third girl joined gossiping.

I waited patiently for more action. The school girl was then seen clad in a brown Adidas jacket with golden font – yeah… so the word ADIDAS was screaming for attention. She seemed to be wearing a man’s trousers and sandals. She was seated on a motorcycle (or was it a scooter, I can’t be sure as I was peeping from inside the store) with a helmet on and she lowered her head, afraid that somebody might recognize her, kot.

‘Aku kesian betullah kat mak ayah budak ni. Konon pegi sekolah, rupanya ikut jantan,’ the girls at the counter continued on.

‘Dah tu, kalau apa-apa jadi nanti - bunting ke fail exam ke, balik-balik salahkan mak ayah jugak,’ one of the girls started to sound rather emotional. I could understand where she’s coming from as she has 2 children of her own.

As I got out of the store I saw the guy got onto the bike, taking the front seat and started to adjust the side mirrors. He was quite a looker, but he couldn’t be older than 20. After a closer look at the girl in the Adidas jacket, I thought she must be around 14. She’s quite cute too, with short hair and a very fair skin. She smiled sheepishly and hid her face behind the guy’s back when she noticed I was staring. I couldn’t see where her school uniform and bag were.

As I was staring at the guy kicking on the starter, I was contemplating approaching the couple and ask what’s going on. I knew it was wrong. All the girls at the counter knew it was wrong. But neither of us had the courage to confront the couple. Why? You ask me why? Maybe we were just too afraid of being told off by younger people.

I don’t know how it’s going to feel like should some teenagers tell you this in the face:

‘Jangan sebok boleh tak?’

I ended up letting them ride away on that bike, but I knew that if I confronted them, that’s the respond I was going to get.

To the parents of the girl in the Adidas jacket, (and to all the other parents out there) check your children's school bag everyday. If there's no work done at all, chances are they weren't even at the school at all.


calla_lily said...

You're right, parents should spend more time to check on their kids.. and also know their circle of friends..

all jazzed up said...

Oh, so scary la your story...

Anonymous said...

I blame the technology. You can find about everything on the net nowdays, from benda elok sampai benda tak elok. Budak2 zaman dulu tak pandai sebab takde sumber nak terlebih pandai.

Can't blame the parents too... kadang2 bukan tak check sebab tak care, sebab sebok mencarik duit (tak kisah la jual nasik lemak or engineer) because sadly as a developing nation, we strive to be successful materially. We have no choice, either go with the flow or be left behind.

Sometimes I risau about my sisters (16 and 11). Nasib baik gak la sorang kat STF, haha... kurang la sikit kebebasan... and I hope the smaller one will go to a boarding school when she's 13. At least half of the worries are gone knowing they are stuck in boarding school (all girls some more), haha!

D.N.A.S said...

yup, it's part of the job scope... hehehe.

ha! ha! tak tau....! kau ada anak dara....!

it's a sad reality when some working parents really 'lepas tangan' and let the bibik does everything at home including getting the kids to complete their homework.

I also know housewives who have all the time in the world but don't bother to spend 5 minutes peeking into their kids' school bags. They'd rather watch the Indon soap opera on ASTRO.

Perhaps one of the best things to do is to enroll our children into boarding schools.... especially those with really 'garang' wardens. (Imagine Cik Hanita and Pn Hazizah's faces... eiiiii takuuuuut....)

dillazag said...

You've been chosen to receive the Uber Amazing Blog Award and you've also been tagged sista. Rajin-rajin jawab, ya!