Thursday, June 04, 2009

Chicken Resurrection

Remember the Chicken Stories? Part 1 and Part 2 were posted here a few years ago.

Just when I thought all these chicken have died and gone to heaven, suddenly they reappeared and the story gets more interesting than the previous chicken.

So, there were these 2 numbers that frequently graced my cell phone screen for the past few months. One was a 014 while the other was a 017 number. Both tend to call me a few times a day regardless whether I picked up or not. Whenever I did pick up, the other party wouldn’t speak. Whenever I called back, I could only hear wind gushing in the background or children voices but couldn’t be certain whose children were those. I tried calling those numbers using my office phone and my friend's cell phone but to no avail. Obviously those numbers were only used for Chikening activities.

The 017 chicken also liked to text me with funny messages. They’re not funny like Simpson cartoon series or Jay Leno’s one liners. They’re funny because the language used was those of ‘kutu-kutu di tepi jalan’, if you get what I mean. Some of them were: ‘Apa cer skang?’, ‘Td gua jpe Z, napa lu Xde?’. Beb, gua takde pun kawan nama Z. There were a few others but I failed to decipher the meanings. I never replied to those text messages as I assumed they’re sent to me by mistake.

Last month, our Internal Support team decided to block Facebook in the office. Many of us resorted to updating our statuses in our internal Instant Messaging system. We might have lost contact with the outside world (via FB) but we could still express ourselves to our work colleagues. That's better than nothing, right? It was hilarious reading all the frustrated staff’s status updates – mostly were swear words and caci maki to IS team for being so inconsiderate and childish. Apa lah sangat kalau staff guna Facebook kat office, makin productive what….

Anyway, it was quite entertaining to read statuses like 'Kembalikan FB kuuuu!', 'Dah block FB, tapi bandwidth performance sama jeeee!', 'I hate this new Firewall.' , 'F*ck the stoopid policy' etc etc etc. If there's a popularity graph in the office, our IS manager's must have been plunging to the floor that week.

One morning I was requested to attend to a problem in P*tr* P*rd*n* at Jalan Ipoh. Since it was just a simple Oracle Database troubleshooting I decided to leave my laptop in the office and updated my IM status to 'Pegi P*tr* P*rd*n* pagi ni.' I carpooled with Mrs. S to Jalan Ipoh. Half way trough troubleshooting the problem on site, I heard my cell phone beeping indicating an incoming text message. When I read the message, I think all colour drained from my face. It was from that 017 chicken and the message was: 'P*tr* P*rd*n* tu kat mana daaa?' It took me quite some time to decide what to do next.

I texted the 017 Chicken back: 'Who is this? I don't save your number in my phone book.'

The Chicken never replied.

I just sat down in front of the Oracle DB server contemplating on telling Mrs. S about it. Damn.... this Chicken is my own work colleague!!


Jade said...

mcm tak boleh stop ketawa...
apparently itu chicken pun baru tersedar yg dia dah terkantoi!!

D.N.A.S said...

Tapi sebenarnya, tak kantoi pun. Camana nak identify this Chicken .... this company ada more than 500 employees who are using that Instant Messenger. The worst thing is we don't know who has our ID in their friends list and everybody can just view anybody.

queen said...

can we have the chicken number?