Wednesday, February 21, 2007

Return of the Chicken Game

Remember the Chicken that used to give missed calls on my handphone?

Now I have another Chicken.

This new Chicken has been calling me during the CNY break. I was travelling a lot during the holidays. One afternoon, after a long journey I realized I had 3 missed calls from an unknown number. I called back but there was no answer.

Then, I was rather preoccupied with the kids, did laundry and other 'housewify' stuffs. When I checked my phone again, I had 2 more missed calls from that number.

So, at around 9.20pm I decided to call the number again. After 2 rings a male's voice was heard at the other end of the line. He sounded like a teenage boy maybe 18 or 20 years old.

Dee : Hello! Sapa ni?
( Hello! Who is this?)

Chicken2: Err... aaahh...Dayang... hello...

Dee : Iye... hello... awak ni sapa?
(Yes, hello.... who are you?)

Chicken2: Errm... Dayang, awak tak kenal saya tapi saya kenal awak.
(Errm.. Dayang, you don't know me but I know you.)

Dee : Awak sapa? Mana awak dapat nombor ni?
(Who are you? Where did you get this number from?)

Chicken2: Ada sorang lelaki bagi kat saya, dia suruh saya call awak. Orang tu pendek-pendek je.
(A guy gave it to me and asked me to call you. He's rather short.)

Dee : Jadi, awak call saya ni nak apa?
(So, why are you calling me?)

Chicken2: Orang tu suruh telefon, jadi saya telefonlah petang tadi. Tapi awak tak angkat.
(The guy asked me to call, so I called this afternoon. But you didn't pick up.)

Dee : Awak call-call saya tu nak apa?
(What have you been calling me for?)

Chicken2: Errr... tak pe lah... kalau macam tu, saya mintak maaf.
(Err... it's okay ... I'm sorry.)

Dee : Jangan call saya lagi!
(Don't call me again!)

Chicken2: Saya mintak maaf... ok... saya mintak maaf.
(I'm sorry... ok.... I'm sorry.)

Dee : Lepas ni jangan call saya lagi, faham?
(Don't call me again after this, understand?)

Chicken2: Err... ok... ok

Then I hung up.

So, this time I think there are 2 chicken. The shorty who asked the guy to call me, and the caller himself.

After listening to my conversation with Chicken2, my hubby asked,

Hubby: Who was that?

Dee : Ntah.. (then I told him the whole conversation).

Hubby: I think that shorty told the guy to call your number if he wished to speak to a B.B babe. hahahahah...

Dee : Cisss.... tak membantu langsung.

To all my girlfriends, if you wanna have fun chatting anonymously with a guy with a teenage voice, SMS me. I'll give you the number. Yeeeehaaaa!!!


B.B babes stands for either
a. big breasted babes
b. big bum babes
c. bl*wjob best babes

Sila pilih yang mana berkenaan. Hahahahah.


Nour said...

He must be one of your secret admirers :D

Anyways, if he ever calls you again..jgn jawab...buat derk lama2 dia give up. It happened to me once also, salah number after that the guy kept calling me up even after 12 midnight. I didnt bother picking up...thnak GOD he gave up dah...banyak juga org tak betul ni eh!

dillazag said...

Kak Dayang --> Saya pilih huruf A! heh heh heh

Angel Eyes said...

Saya pilih all of the above

D.N.A.S said...

That's why kitorang bagi nama species ni Chicken.

Kira compliment le tu, iye tak? Makasih.... Ramai S.B babes kat luar tu yg sanggup buat implant nak dapatkan my size. Hee hee...

Waaa... mana u tau I category C? Fuiyyooooo... ada telepathic le kiteee... hahahahah.

Lizz said...

lurvee the foot notes!! a funny one indeed.ehehhe

D.N.A.S said...

u're in which category? hahahah

Jade said...

i know i'm in B!! muahahaha... for sure!

wehh... mana update itu story???

Angel Eyes said...

great minds think alike!

rite sis?

D.N.A.S said...

not big laaaa yours... mantap only! Bak kata org, juzzzzz nice... :)

women with great minds.... wow I like that...

NAH said...

hahahah.... that was funny!

So did anyone call u to get that shorty's number?

queenscity said...

agree with angel eyes... all of the above

raggedyanne said...

salam akak, bloghopper raggedyanne here. Funny i just had the same experience (well almost) with a 'chicken' just now! Eh apa nak jadi dgn budak2 muda kita ni kan? They think the can make friends ker by miscalling like that? You just inspired me to blog abt this.

D.N.A.S said...

so far nobody's interested lah.. heheheh. Kesian si shorty.

sejak bila lupa password?

sure ke bebudak muda? Ntah2 ayah budak, tak? hahahah. Can't wait to hear yr version of the story pulak.