Monday, June 08, 2009

Uber Amazing Blog

I was tagged by the ever so lively Dilla Zaghlol.
I was the 7th on her list and she described me as:

Recipient 7
D.N.A.S - My favourite makcik blogger ever. Serious! She also happens to be my dormmate back in STF and her mom lives in Triang, Pahang - so she shares the same dialect as the Zaghlol clan. Popalleh, weh!! This IT expert should really be a writer and is preggers with her 3rd child right now.

The rules:
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Section 1: Five interesting facts about Dilla

  1. All her siblings has the first name Azlul and after I left school her younger sister was also in STF so whenever I to referred to her in any conversation with my juniors they’d surely ask, ‘Which Azlul?’
  2. She’s also known as Jelol among our dormmates.
  3. She was among the early risers in our dorm when she was in Form 1 and Form 2. In fact she was the only morning person in our dorm back then, if I’m not mistaken. Paie and I used to tell her ‘Jangan kejut kitorang pagi esok, ye…’
  4. She knows how to mengaji berlagu, berzanji and marhaban and all our dormmates went ‘WOW!!!’ when we first learned about it because most of us were so ‘buta kayu’ when it comes to that area.
  5. She used to have extra energy in everything, be it studies, co-curricular activities and even at socializing. I still remember feeling so impressed looking at one of her study notes (later in Uni we call it Toyol) where she used colorful magic pens and using the mind-mapping method to conclude a chapter from the text book.

Section 2: Ten interesting facts about me

  1. I enjoy procrastinating. Putting everything to the last minute is so motivating that I always put deadlines in my calendar and forget about planning. I love the adrenaline rush (especially when it comes to tax filing time). By the way, I don’t think LHDN should upgrade their servers or e-filing system further. What they need to do is just to set a few deadlines for tax filing (if it’s not against any law or policy). So, based on file numbers, the tax payers are informed upfront (probably at the beginning of the year) on their tax e-filing dates. This is what we call load distribution.
  2. I am a reluctant leader. I never volunteered to become the lead to any team but yet the middle management always thought that’s where I better be. Early last month I learned that I am actually the DC type (Dominant and Compliant). For HR and training people, they might understand this. So, obviously DC people like me, regardless of how hard we try to become the behind the scene players, or be happy just by being a follower, we will still be identified by others as the people who should be in the front line. By nature, people want people like me to lead – I hope they know that I enjoy procrastinating and definitely never a morning person.
  3. I am a control freak – which means I must have full control of everything I do and everything (and everyone) I own. At first, I hated myself when I realized this, but once I knew that I am the DC type (refer point number 2), I accepted this with an open mind. Hey, I can’t deny the hardware that comes with the package, right?
  4. I think I made a bad girl friend (and sometimes I think I’m quite a bad wife and a bad mother too). How to debate this when there’s no baseline whatsoever for me to compare. I could only compare myself with some of my female work colleagues. I think I made a bad girl friend because I used to be a very opinioned person. Having a boyfriend means I have a boyfriend but he doesn’t have any right to determine my future. Some of my exes didn’t believe in Women’s Lib, so off they went. That was when my friends and I decided on the type of guys and their backgrounds that we should date and y’know what, those who came from East Coast states were banned from our list. Hahahaha! No offence to East Coastal guys, but seriously I’ll never have any chemistry with you.
  5. I registered as an ordinary member with one Political party and yet I voted for another. Okay tak? Hehehehe… Undi anda adalah rahsia.
  6. I think it’s okay to be skeptical about anything. In other words, don’t just be a ‘Yes man’ or you’ll fall into the traps made by the rest of the ‘Con Men’. Maybe that’s why I don’t invest my money in so many places. However, I still put the eggs in a few baskets; provided I know the baskets are reliable enough.
  7. I hate the Malaysian politics but somehow deep down I always hear this funny little voice keep on telling me that the Malaysian politics would someday need me. Adakah itu satu illusi?
  8. I don’t have many friends; only a few quality friends (and I’m sure you know who you are!!)
  9. Blog and Facebook are my virtual escapades. Maybe that’ll explain why there’s not much written about family, children and work-related stuffs.
  10. I don’t agree to some of the things done by Sisters In Islam, especially some of their articles published on the mainstream media. They’re just another NGO, right? So, I am free to state my opinion here. However, I don’t support PAS’ request to ban this NGO either. They’re just another NGO and Malaysian Muslims are matured enough whether to just accept, be skeptical or reject what they read and hear.

Section 3: The recipients

  1. Pipiyapong: I actually don’t know this guy in real life but his blog is so addictive. He writes in a very relaxed manner that I always go to his URL to seek solace. Read his childhood stories and they’ll leave you either in tears or a big hearty laugh. He hailed from Kuala Lipis, by the way.
  2. Jazzmatazz: A Srikandi and we used to be in the same English class for a few years (or was it 5 years?) She and a few others set the bar for our English especially when we had Mrs. Soon as English teacher. She looks soft and at times rather fragile, but the truth is she’s a very strong woman (emotionally) and a fighter. Go and dig her older blog entries for proof.
  3. Looneypuff: I started blogging because of her. We used to work for the same company. Back then I didn’t even have enough time for toilet breaks, let alone writing F.O.C at some column/blog. I only started reading her blog after I handed in my resignation letter and found myself blogging a few weeks after that. She’s getting married this year, yeay!


all jazzed up said...

Hello Makcik, thanks for the award! I'm still in bed nursing this stoopid food poisoning though, and this really made my day :)

thanks heaps!

SeaDemon said...

Ni you punya pasal la tag bini I dengan award I'm tagging you. hahaha

Pipiyapong said...

Alamak bab bab tag ni yang keh lemoh ni..