Saturday, July 18, 2009


Kipai is not terkapai-kapai. Kipai is a word commonly used in Bera, Pahang. It is synonymous to 'tak menang tangan' or having too many things on one's plate.
It's the best word to describe my work life these days. Earlier this year many of my staffs were complaining on the lack of project we won in 2009. I kept on telling them to expect the low time between Jan - June. Things should pick up in the second half of 2009.

When I told them that, it was just to keep them coming to the office and not lose hope in the IT industry in the country. Little did I know that projects were really starting to come in starting last month (June). During the first half of this year, everything slowed down. Many tenders went quiet, many deals were hanging in the air and many people lost their jobs too. I believe the first half of 2009 was a very trying time to many. Employers, employees, freelancers, housewives, penternak, peladang and nelayan too.

For the past 2 months most of my team members have been doing 3 projects concurrently. I have no clue on how they're managing their time. Luckily I only monitor their project progress and don't have to be doing the actual hands-on. It's a good sign to the management when we won many projects but the implementation team leaders and managers are scratching our heads to meet the resource requirement. The fact that now 5 of my team members are pregnant is making my boss losing more hair each day. Yes, you read correctly; it used to be only 4 preggers but now there are 5!!

Maybe it was me who's spreading the virus around because last month 2 of my lunch buddies got pregnant. One of them is also my team member.

Mother-to-be number 1 is expected to deliver some time next week.
Mother-to-be number 2 is expected to deliver on the 1st week of puasa.
Mother-to-be number 3 is expected to deliver on the 3rd week of puasa.
Pregger lady number 5 (she has 3 kids already) is expected to deliver in Feb 2010.

While Pregger lady number 4 (that's me) is scheduled for a C-sec on the 28th August. Bulan puasa jugak.

Our boss has been asking our EDD on a regular basis. I can't imagine how he's feeling right now. With all the on-going projects and losing so many team members in August and September... silap-silap dia sendiri yang turun padang tolong buatkan project. Hehehe.

Other departments have making a joke out of our difficult situation. Whenever a new team member joins, the boss would tell them not to get pregnant so soon because there's one department going for maternity leave in August. So, quota is full.

Another joke; there was a delayed equipment delivery in one of the project (that I happen to supervise). The customer asked whether I could delay my delivery too. Wah, banyak cantik. Like I can defer contractions, lah (in case kalau aku beranak normal).

Now that I have informed most of them on my C-sect date, I have so many people chasing me for proposal, project documents, management reports and what-not. In the coming weeks, I'll be 'kipai' trying to complete all those. Cisss.... bosan.... apasallah aku takde assistant?


Jade said...

amik la saya jadi assistant! haha...

D.N.A.S said...

kerja keras tau.... hehehehe