Monday, July 20, 2009

Pregnancy and delivery update

A very quick update: mother-to-be Number 1 has safely delivered a baby boy today. She’s now officially a mother lah…. No more mother-to-be. It was perfect timing as she just closed her project yesterday. This morning I asked her next cubicle neighbour on her whereabouts and he told me that she’s taking her rest today. At around 4pm I received a text message saying she’s already delivered.

Soon after that, I received a few more text messages from the other mother-to-be who suddenly felt both happy and anxious. I can almost feel the butterflies in their stomach after hearing such news. I’m not saying I’m not anxious, especially now that my C-sect date is confirmed. I still have to pray a lot and prepare for the worst. However, I keep on telling myself that everything will be fine. I’ve been through this twice; I pray that this time it will also be a smooth operation.

I suppose, among the 4 of us (still pregnant ladies here) I should be more anxious than the rest. The other 3 have high chances of delivering normally while I will have to go under the knives. I’m the one who will be having a very high risk delivery. The procedure might sound simple to some people, but post-natal care is much more tedious than mothers who gave normal deliveries.

However, I’m glad I won’t have to do all the bertungku, berdiang, berurut and berbarut. When it comes to C-sect deliveries, we have to really follow the Doctor’s advice. My gynae has warned me not to do all the traditional stuffs even if I’m threatened by any Bidan kampong or Makcik Bedah penyebok yang datang melawat orang berpantang, lepas tu bagi lecture panjang berjela.

Personal hygiene tops the list of mothers like me during confinement period. Akar kayu, air kunyit and black pepper must be avoided as they’re considered too hot for our internal organ to handle. Please bear in mind that the uterus was cut and stitched during C-sect. Would you pour black pepper sauce on your own wound? I don’t think so.

I happily forego all the traditional remedy during my confinement. So many Makcik Bedah would disagree with me, but hey…. It’s my body. Barut, urut and sengkak are the biggest NO to me. I’ll never let a Bidan relocate my injured uterus regardless of her experience in urut-mengurut.

The only thing I can do is take the necessary corrective actions 2 months after the C-sect. That would involve activities like visiting the spa, continue with Body Jam class, cardio exercise and wear girdles during office hour. I don’t plan to take more than a bottle of Jamu this time. I have always been so skeptical about jamu because there’s no Badan Pengawal Piawai for it. For instance, my housemates took Jamu kempis perut during our uni years. Their tummies were not getting any flatter, instead, their breasts were surprisingly enhanced. There might have been bottle labeling issue at the Jamu factory, I think.

Well, I guess I’m just taking plain rice + ikan singgang during my confinement. No jamu, no pills, no akar kayu, no bengkung, no urut, no tungku….. just ASTRO. Hehehe. Expect a lot of blog entries related to daytime soap opera at ASTRO during my confinement period, ok?


dillazag said...

Good luck, kak Dayang. Looking forward to your entries, babeh!

eyna said...

Dee, why do you have to go thru the C-sect? were your sons went the same?

D.N.A.S said...

saya tengah cari confinement lady sebab maid saya tak kunjung tiba... hehehehe.

yup, i dah 2 kali bersalin operate. My bones sangat besar, baby tak boleh keluar normal.

all jazzed up said...

Singgang sedappp!!!!! Anyway, just to let you know ada deliver food untuk orang dalam pantang... (dunno if suitable for C sect people la hor).. ASTRO is good too.. dulu aku sampai hafal dialogue CSI... kakakaka...

D.N.A.S said...

Yup Mimin,
aku sudah register dekat Just in case.
Aku juga akan menambah package ASTRO. Hehe.