Wednesday, August 19, 2009

This Ramadhan I pray that the world will become a better place

Do you know that so many things are just not right happening right in front of our eyes. Some people are making babies out of wedlock and proud of it and don't seem to worry about not being married to each other. Take Brangelina for example. Then, some people are fighting so hard to get married although they know it's against the law and nature. Take gay couples for example. (I'm against gay marriage in case I haven't written about it here.)

Do you know that in every 5 second a child dies of hunger in this world? It might or might not happen right in front of our eyes, but hey we're too ignorant to notice that there are families in a state like Selangor, Pahang and Kelantan who are not well fed. Remember there was a story about a family who had kangkung for every meal? They couldn't even afford to buy rice. Luckily they were living near the swamp so supply of kangkung was aplenty.

We might not be able to do much about Brangelina and gay marriages but we all can do something about saving the people from hunger. It's quite simple. This Ramadhan, let's not buy too much food from the bazaar and end up feeding the trash bin. The colorful kuih and aromatic ayam percik are very difficult to resist once you step into the Ramadhan bazaar area. However, this year let's learn a few new things.

1. New way of thinking. My body doesn't need that much food. Although I've been fasting since 5.45 a.m this morning, I only need the usual amount of calories. Plain rice + fried chicken + 1 popia + a glass of syrup + tamar should be enough.

2. My kids might not have the same taste. Let's ask them first before buying these kuih for the whole family.

3. I'm bringing 3 small food containers (or mangkuk tingkat) to the bazaar. I will not buy anything packed in plastic. When my food containers are full, I'll stop buying food.

4. I've had too much meat, chicken and rice throughout the year. Let's have more vege during Ramadhan. Gado-gado would be nice.

5. I want to try the food at the mosque today. I'll be there from Maghrib until terawih.

There are many other simple things you and I can do to minimize wasted food during Ramadhan. All our unnecessary spending will only cause high demand in food supply from various parts of the world. During Ramadhan, of course there will be a surge. If all our family members are getting so used to wasting food, the demand will become consistent and later causes increase in price. So, when this happens, what about those poor countries that can't afford to import expensive food supply? And what will happen to the poor people who can't even afford to buy bread?

I don't think kangkung can grow easily in Sudan.

I'm not writing this to sabotage the blooming food industry in the country (especially during Ramadhan). This is just a humanitarian related entry. Excessive buying only creates unnecessary demand. Some parties will make profit but we have to think about those who are indirectly becoming victims.

Another thing, what's your take on Ramadhan buffet? I've checked-out the prices in the local newspapers and my suggestion is to stay away from them. This year the price ranges from RM69++ - RM99 ++ per pax. If you are anything like me, I can't even finish a RM9.90 nasi beriyani.

Again, I'm not writing this to sabotage any hotel (but please read this blog entry if you love eating at hotel restaurants so much). It's just that Ramadhan buffet in this country is bringing us closer to the evil. Overpriced and wasteful, it's so against the syarak. What I hated most is when these hotels served cendol, it's made of packed santan. I paid RM69 ++ for cendol made of packed santan???? WTH.

Having said all these, I have to tell you that I'm not another victim this Ramadhan because I'll be in confinement. Hehehehe. Good luck to you and your nafsu, people! Have a blessed Ramadhan.


Jade said...

owh kakak... i so agree with you! Have a blessed Ramadhan!!

che' nah said...

best of luck for the c-sect dnas! hope that everything will go well for you, baby, and the family as a whole insyaAllah ameen!

Roz Razalli said...

I am so digging you!

tapi confinement ye masa Ramadhan nanti??? selamat menggantikan puasa in advance... ehhehee... jgn marah!

D.N.A.S said...

this is your last puasa as a single woman... wahahahaha.

Che' Nah,
thank you... thank you... abang-abangnya dah tak sabar-sabar tunggu adik keluar.

nanti lepas raya kena puasa 1 hari seminggu, tiap-tiap minggu kot. Tsk tsk tsk....

mknace said...

;) :) :)
you're true
i'm agree with you

guess499 said...

hehehe.. mcm ada maksud tersirat jek... hehe sabo2 tahun depan ada lagi buffet ramadhan or high tea pon not bad *evil* >:)