Wednesday, August 12, 2009

2 down, 3 more to go

Pregger engineer number 2 had safely delivered a darling baby girl on Monday night. Next in the queue is me. The C-section is scheduled on Tuesday morning, 25th August. The boss has started showing signs of ‘meroyan’ after pregger engineer number 2 was admitted to hospital.

During my last check-up with the gynae, she advised me to take one week rest before the op. That means I’ll need to close shop by this Friday and rest at home starting next Monday. My BP was a bit higher than usual during the check-up. Not sure what’s the cause. Could be work pressure. Ya lah, everybody’s expecting me to complete/conclude EVERYTHING before I go for maternity leave.

Some of the requests are quite ridiculous especially for problematic projects. It’s impossible I could close everything within a week’s time. And furthermore, I’m only overseeing the project, not the one implementing the solutions. Being pushed and pressured for such an impossible thing can really make one’s blood goes upstairs, I tell you.

Post natal arrangement is also troubling me. I’m only getting 14 days of confinement lady services as she’s already booked starting middle of September. There’s still no news on the maid I ordered about 4 months ago. I knew I should have booked the maid a lot earlier. Never expected the Indon Government would want to impose new regulations in order to protect their human resource. Now that there’s no news regarding the MOU between the 2 governments, the maid agency is also giving thousands of excuses not to confirm my maid’s status.

If only the local women are interested to work as helpers. We’re not calling these maids ‘orang gaji’ anymore; we always refer to them as HELPERS. I don’t see any reason why our local women are not attracted to the job. With RM550 as basic salary, it’s a lot higher than working as restaurant helpers or jadi Minah Kilang. Furthermore, they’ll get their own rooms, beds; can watch ASTRO when employers go out to work, free phone calls and a lot more benefits that are currently being enjoyed by Minah-minah Seberang.

The only minus point is that they’ll have to stay at employers’ houses and outings are limited. Well, that’s not as bad as staying in sekolah berasrama penuh or prisons, right?

I don’t know, perhaps majority of them sees working as helper is not glamorous. Their better choices are working at fast food restaurants, manufacturing industry, entertainment industry and later many become Tipah Tertipu and have to work as GRO and forced to live in a smelly, tiny, dingy flat shared with 10 other GROs.

Oh man, I am so bitter today. If I continue on writing about local women’s choice of occupation I’m afraid I’ll end up writing about prostitution problem in the country.

Or perhaps I should be writing about 1Malaysia? Somehow I still don’t really get it. There’s only one Malaysia, no doubt about it. But as I have mentioned in one of my friends’ comment box long-long time ago, we Malaysians are just like multicolored Play Doh kneaded together. You’ll get a bigger piece, but each color can still be seen clearly separated apart. They just don’t mix that well. Not like adding blue to red paint and you’ll see purple on your canvas. We can never be really truly one, but we need to continue on tolerating each other and working together. The individual colors should remain and don’t overdo the Play Doh kneading as it will only produce a duller piece. I hope the politicians get this metaphor.


dillazag said...

hihihihihi.. Hilarious as ever..

Saya pun tengah stress ni. Semalam habis semua aku slash.. :) Sekali sekala, takleh kasi muka, kak...

BTW, love your take on the colourful kneaded play doh. ;)

eyna said...

dee... u expecting boy or girl?