Tuesday, October 06, 2009

Back to office checklist

I have less than 20 days left of my maternity leave. It's time to start doing physical and mental preparation to go back to office and working life. I'm going to miss lazying around in front of the idiot box, that's for sure. After more than 6 weeks of having home cooked food, I know it's going to take some time for my taste buds to adjust to warung/restaurant/fast food for lunch again.

Things to be done before going back to office:

1. Retrieve my heels and sandals I put away some 9 months ago. It's time to rummage the store, my wardrobe as well as Wazif and Shawqi's. I remember putting them in a few places. Hope none of them was accidentally thrown away.

2. Rearrange my wardrobe since most of my work clothes have been pushed to the loneliest corner since I was 6 months' pregger. It's time to restore things back to their original arrangement - color coded, matching pants/blouse next to each other etc.

3. Wash and wax the car. You can draw Spongebob clearly on my car - that's how comot it is currently.

4. Go out more often during daytime to help the bibik getting used to my not being around the house. (Hint! Hint! Oi my geng gossip.... mari pegi lunch/tea/hi tea).

5. Prepare a new schedule for the bibik as currently I'm still doing some of the chores.

6. Search for more simple recipes to prepare the boys' lunch in the morning (how ambitious) before I set out to work.

7. Shop for new scarves because my tudungs are so old fashioned. I don't have a single tudung Ekin - tak vogue la kan...

8. VPN to office and delete emails. I'd rather start working by doing real work than sitting for hours deleting outdated emails and trying to compact the mail database.

9. Browse the company address book/directory to recall work colleague names and faces. I forget names and faces easily (especially orang yang tak ada kepentingan, kan...)

10. Update iTunes library because back to office also means back to gymming.

11. Call people in the office to make sure all my lunch partners are still working there, otherwise nanti terkulat-kulat pulak aku on the first day at work, kan?

Will update this checklist if I remember to do other things as well. Now back to afternoon soap opera on the idiot box. *Yawn*


kenwooi said...

enjoy your working life again soon! =)

Nomee said...

Wah... ambitious nya list. Bagus bagus bagus. (emmm.. boleh tiru tahun depan ni.. hehehe)