Tuesday, October 27, 2009

Serious takde selera nak makan....

No you are not dreaming. Those words are from me, a well known hantu makan. I love so many kinds of food - oh what's new.... everybody knows that. However, after my confinement I found it difficult to chew food sold at restaurants and food stalls. I went to Alamanda food court, ordered my favorite but after a few bites I lost interest. There goes my appetite. Today I had lunch at the office cafe, luckily I only took a small portion. It took me quite long to finish everything on the plate. The food tasted like plastic.

This is the problem when you've had 2 months of home cooked food. During the first 2 weeks of confinement food was prepared by the CL, so it was either chicken soup or haruan soup. When my maid arrived and my mom went back to kampung I cooked most of the days (for lunch and dinner). I had to cook actually, in order to show the maid how to prepare food properly. Yeah, my friend told me that it's going to be a long adventure teaching bibiks to do things 'our' way.

I didn't prepare 'fancy' food, just the usual ones that are easy to cook and didn't require too many ingredients. But still, they're home cooked food. You know how the ingredients were cleaned, cut and cooked. You seasoned them to your liking. You let them simmer on the stove until the meat was tender.

Yesterday, on my first day of coming back to office, I went home for lunch. I knew it wouldn't be easy to stomach food from the nearby food court or the office cafe. At the same time, I was also doing a spot-check on the maid. Thank god everything was ok at home. The baby was also doing fine. Although he looked rather lonely because he's left only with the maid and there's no usual loud noise in the house.

I think tomorrow I'll just tapau breakfast and lunch from home. Outside food has lost its appeal these days. Tengok pun takde selera. When I passed by the food stalls, the only thing coming to mind was, 'Dia cuci bersih tak ikan ni sebelum goreng?'

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