Tuesday, October 27, 2009

Something worth reading

I was about to doze off at my cubicle on a boring Tuesday afternoon when I received a phone call from Jade. A phone call, ok..... not a YM buzz. So, it was a nice surprise....

I thought she's about to ask me to join her for lunch. Rupa-rupanya she was at Kinokuniya and couldn't decide which book to buy.

Since the last novel I read was so disappointing, I couldn't decide which other title could suit her (complicated) taste. I was thinking of recommending Grisham's The Associate or The Appeal but both ending was too realistic, and Jade happens to love drama... (Kan.... kan... drama queen, kan?)

Then I remembered a religious book Mr. Hubby bought a few months ago which I found was very interesting. So, to Jade, in case you couldn't find it at Kinokuniya, here's the cover picture:

..... and here's how it looks inside:

Why is it interesting? Hey, just have a look at the page layout and you'll understand what I mean. Most religious books only have plain text with endless Dalil Naqli to support each paragraph. This book is more like a Primary School text book; it's colorful, easy to understand and have a lot of pictures. Different text colors and boxes are used to highlight important points. You can find so much info related to Islam as the way of life in this book. It's not an Encyclopedia but it's a really good quick guide for all of us.

Priced at RM55, now available at the major bookstores near you....


Jade said...

i only like drama in real life! haha... i bought a succubus story instead.. ish.. ish.. ish... but will go and find this one soon.

D.N.A.S said...

hint your friends je.... suruh diorang bagi hadiah kawin....

b.tan said...

maaf kerana menyibuk, harganya memanglah agak mahal cuma rm55.00 sahaja tapi amat berguna dan berfaedah untuk seisi keluarga. anak saya yang berumur 2 dan 4 tahun pun minat tengok gambar, walau tak faham tapi disuruh abangnya tolong bacakan. tak rugi jika memilikinya. satu daripada panduan hidup selain al-quran yang agung.
sekian, wassalam.