Friday, October 23, 2009

Terima kasih.... terima kasih.... terima kasih....

Once in a while I'd write about my friends (real life + online). I usually create some award (you might never have heard of) or just simply mention their names in this humble blog so that they know I appreciate them for being my friends.

This entry is for me to express my deepest gratitude to all online friends (some I know in real life too) who link to this blog. This blog is getting more hits from your links than from Google, innit and PPS. Yeay!!! Too many names to mention but I'm sure you know who you are.

I started blogging out of boredom after starting a new job. Soon after that I started making blogger friends and was introduced to a totally new world. Along the way, some has unofficially retired, some disappeared and most of my blogger friends are now hooked up at other networks/channel. However, the links to my blog remain and for that I thank you.

To all my blogger friends, keep on writing. Your story/view matters.

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lizz said...

pps? baru join and mmg its work kalau nak promote blog :)