Thursday, November 12, 2009

Result exam

Jeng jeng jeng! It's that time of the semester again. Wazif's and Shawqi's results are out but not the complete ones yet. Still have to wait for the school open day to know exactly how they fare this semester.

Sekolah Kebangsaan:
Wazif - No 2 (Last semester was also No 2) - lost to an Indian boy last sem, but this sem he lost to a Malay girl. Frust mamat ni.
Shawqi - No 15 (Last semester was No 22) - yeay, some improvement

Sekolah Agama:
Wazif - No 5 (Last semester was No 6) - okaylah, ada sikit improve
Shawqi - No 27 (Last semester was No 26) - makin merudum nampaknya.

We asked Shawqi how many kids are there in his Sekolah Agama class. He refused to tell.

I got a feeling this is going to be the just like his kindy time. One semester he got number 14. I asked him who got last. He didn't answer. I asked him how many kids were there in his class. He didn't answer.
At the end of that semester Shawqi's kindy teacher passed me the class photo. I counted the kids, and yes.... there were 14 of them.

This semester when I questioned him why he got No 27 in class, his answer was, 'Okaylah tu.... dekat-dekat aje dengan nombor 26.)

Hmmm.... itulah pasal mak dia ni selalu meroyan.


Mr. J @ said...

belajar rajin2 erk.. hiihi... salam kenal.

Jade said...

"'Okaylah tu.... dekat-dekat aje dengan nombor 26"

i cannot laugh sbb muka tgh pakai masque... but it's so hard not too!!!

tak per la kakak... he'll do better next time! need more motivation maybe? or... reverse psychology?

dillazag said...

comellah itu Shawqi. :)