Friday, November 20, 2009

Y.E.S (Year end suffering)

I don't like the October - November - December (last quarter of each year) time period. It's the most hectic period when most of the bosses turned into beasts and many work colleagues decided to jump ships. Our business year closing is just around the corner and all the Account Managers will start chasing for service completion so that they could capture the numbers. It's chaotic and emotions are high (and so are the people's blood pressure too).

Besides project monitoring (a.k.a aktiviti kejar mengejar dengan engineer dan Project manager), I have to complete all these before 2009 ends:
- revise the team members' roles and responsibilities for 2010
- skill growth plan for 2010
- measurements for 2010
- update templates for operational improvement

I'm glad I have taken many annual leaves throughout 2009. Now I have only 4.5 days of mandatory leave that I must take before 31st December.

Oh yeah, I have another challenge. One of my senior team members decided to leave the company after she got a job that only requires 9-5 commitment. The management didn't counter offer her as her reason for leaving was to have more time for her family. There's nothing I could offer as the nature of her job here includes 24 by 7 support and project deployments (where the activities require system downtime and can only be performed during weekends or at nights).

So, before 31st December I am going to train an intern to become competent and ready for project deployments. This is not going to be easy. They gave me a freshie and expect to get a skillful engineer within 2 months' time. Diorang ingat aku ni Magician ke apo?

BTW, magician yang nama 'Cyril' tu adalah agak cute. Ramai kawan-kawan aku di Twitter dan Facebook yang mention nama dia sehari dua ni....Keh keh keh...

Magic, kucing pandai pakai topi.... hehehehe


siti murni said...

cute cats!!

erm..BTW..dats a really really tough job..gud luck 2u.

D.N.A.S said...

Siti Murni,

my job is quite tough but what to do.... cari makan...