Thursday, February 04, 2010

Jika Kau Tak Datang

Audi Mok is brilliant as always. I just love his songs.

Reading many of the online reviews of this album, Datuk CT's fans and reporters have nothing but praises. Although there are only 6 new songs and the CD is sold at RM29.90 - normal price for albums containing 10 songs or more, I still think that it's worth every sen. Let's put it this way, you pay RM29.90 and get a 2 in 1 package - KD and Datuk CT doing duets. Well, they don't do it everyday and I'm sure they're not going make this into their annual activity (recording songs together). It's a collectible item.

All of the other reviews have discussed about the songs. I'm not a ballad fan, so my favorites are the fast numbers by Audi Mok. Amarah,  the almost Techno number is now frequently played at Radio Era while Jika Kau Tak Datang goes really well with my morning coffee and driving during rush hour.

One thing I like about the two singers' vocal performance in this album is that neither of them tried to outdo the other. Their voices are harmonious and complements each other. I've only heard KD's ballad songs from her solo albums, so when she does fast numbers it is such a treat.

To all listeners, this is the best pop album so far by Datuk CT after Transkripsi. Don't give up buying her album because she hasn't given up making them. Despite the economic downturn and downloadable songs available on the internet, she's still producing quality songs and album.