Saturday, March 13, 2010

The Chronicles of Bibik Hampeh - Part 2

After we decided to terminate her service, I acted as normal because I was afraid if she sniffed our plan God knows what she'd do to Zarif in our absence. We contacted the agency and unfortunately they couldn't take her immediately as they were moving office. We had to wait and tolerated the bibik's nonsense for two weeks plus while the agency settled down at their new place.

Since I knew she'd be gone pretty soon, I did a few tests... well... just for fun.

One morning, Zarif threw up on the carpet in front of the TV. I told the bibik to clean the whole carpet as the stain was pretty obvious. Well, guess what's her answer, 'Bu, carpet ini bisa di laundry. Hantar aja ke laundry..' and she never cleaned the small stain.

One Sunday afternoon I told her to clean all the rooms upstairs plus all the toilets but I purposely locked the master bedroom. She went up to do her far-from-clean cleaning but she never asked for my bedroom keys so that she could sweep and mop that room. So, she just cleaned the other rooms. That night I checked the toilet she claimed she has cleaned, the floor was still yellowish and there was a strong smell or urine. Oh, by the way, she never cleaned the toilet bowls perhaps there's a curse in her family or what... I don't know.

On 1st March, she showered really early and reminded me that it's already the first of the month. Again, she was asking it in a really rude manner. I was thinking of giving her a side kick near the stairs but decided not to as I was wearing a long skirt that morning. Actually her salary was due on the 5th of each month. I showed her the contract but she's brengsek enough to think that she could ask for her salary early. I was not in the mood to fight. I just removed RM550 from my wallet and gave it to her. I told her to keep the money first, I didn't have time to create her bank account (well, I never intended to create an account for her when I've already decided to get rid of her A.S.A.P) and promised her that I'll bring her out during the weekend so that she could buy her handphone. Oh, she's been telling me endlessly on how desperately she needed a handphone because she was worried about her youngest daughter who's staying with her good-for-nothing husband. We allowed her to use the house phone to call her family but she insisted it would be too expensive and she preferred to just SMS her family. Ok, fine with me. It's her money. She's free to spend it for whatever purpose.

When I came back that night, Mr Hubby told me he saw a brand new handphone in the bibik's room. Man, I was damn furious. I told her specifically that we'd go out and buy it. After dinner she showed it to me and asked on how to charge the battery. I took the opportunity to check the calls made, there was only one and it was to her son in Indon. I fiddled with it trying to find what I could do to sabotage the phone, but there was none as it was the lowest range of Nokia and she's using DIGI prepaid. Couldn't do any naughty trick. Pbftttt...

Since she got the handphone, it seemed like she suddenly had more ironing to do. It was weird when she had to leave Zarif with my MIL almost the whole evening coz she's got mountains of clothes to iron. One thing for sure, she didn't have to iron my office clothes because I only wear wrinkle free pants and blouses these days. She'd locked herself in her room and only came out when I called.

The next day I took out 7 of my cotton blouses and asked her to press them. She really had to spend hours and the result was a huge disappointment. I was not angry as I didn't intend to wear any of the blouses, I just wanted to make sure she really did some ironing. Hehe.

To be continued.....


mummy Darin said...

kak dayang, giler panjang kisah bibik akak ni, dah boleh buat drama dah.. he..he.. tu pasallah kita org skang masih berkira nak amik bibik.. walaupun bibik dulu ok.. risau jugak pasal bibik baru... in case akak ada jugak amik lain nanti, musz doakan akak adapat yang bebetul nak keje ngan kita yek....

Nomee said...

Adoi laaa.... bersambung aje

Anonymous said...

Mana sambungan part 3??
-silent reader-