Monday, March 22, 2010

My Favourite Surfing Spot

I live in a double storey link house and I think you can visualize the internal layout as it’s very common in KL. Upon entering the house from the front door there’s the living area, dining area, kitchen and laundry area on the ground floor.

My dining area is my favorite surfing spot as it’s located at the center of everything. From where I’m sitting I can watch TV in the living area clearly. Since the dining table is placed right next to the serving buffet, I can reach my snacks rather easily. I can also make coffee in a flash as the kitchen is just 3 meters away from where I’m sitting.

Surfing doesn’t mean that the rest of the house chores are neglected. I usually surf when I was waiting for the washing machine to complete. When the machine beeps, I would run from the dining table to the laundry area and move the wet clothes from the machine and hang them under the sun.

The view from my dining table is quite awesome. I could see the whole of my green garden sometimes with a few butterflies flying around if I open the sliding door wide enough and pull the curtains.

While surfing, I can still keep an eye on my baby who usually crawls around the living area and plays with his toys.

My dining area is such a convenient place to surf and since WiFi is available in the house, I can just carry my netbook around if I need to.

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Anonymous said...

Ahahaha. I was just telling my husband semalam that our dining area is akin to the "city command centre" ... for the very same reasons as yours. :P

- Che' Nah

Anti-Capitalism said...

This is not a blog entry. This is merely an advert in disguise.

D.N.A.S said...

Che' Nah,
betul-betul-betul. The commander i.e the queen of the house mestilah duduk kat command center... hehehe

takde idea nak blog, mari tulis advert. Kekekeke... Tapi advert I ada content whaaaat.... ;)