Friday, March 26, 2010

Interesting Friday

Heard Salleh Yaacob saying the following lines over Sinar FM:
'Cinta zaman belajar - Cinta Monyet
Cinta lepas belajar - Cinta ber'uang'
Kalau takde uang, takde cinta, dik.....'

Received a message from boss, 'Where are you.'
I replied, '9th floor'.
Then I realized that I was supposed to attend a big meeting that started at 8.30a.m. Thanks to my carelessness and my phone reminder, I've set it at 9.30a.m. Pandai....Rushed to auditorium Forgot laptop.

The big meeting. Auditorium was filled with anxious faces.
Questions, questions and more questions...
Frustrating answers....
Didn't take down any note.

Demoralized already. Bitched with Sukiman over the phone. He asked why didn't I ask more questions during the big meeting when I had so many points. Demoralized some more. Needed coffee and sushi.

Sakae Sushi. Salmon teriyaki. I was a happy bunny again... yippeeee...!

Window shopping. Looking for new shoes and dresses and jackets.. totally forgotten about coffee.

Came back to office sans coffee.

Another big meeting. Less questions but more frustrating answers.
Hilarious games organized by my colleagues, laughed so hard until my jaw hurt.
Didn't win the lucky draw. Damn.

Post party of the big meeting. Eat, eat and eat. The chicken was so hard, my gum hurt. Had banana crumble with ice cream to sooth it.

Traffic congestion near Kinrara. It was raining... no it was actually only drizzling. Stupid traffic system.

Pasar malam Bukit Kuchai. Melawati Kebab was there, yeay! Bought three, yeay yeay!! Nasik lemak for Shawqi.

Dinner. Shawqi told me he actually asked for nasi putih instead of nasi lemak. Next time, cakap biar terang, ok.

Watched TV while playing with Zarif. Zarif crawled to the sofa, he grabbed it with both hands and he was suddenly standing up. He giggled looking at our surprised faces. I was a very happy mummy and almost forgotten about all the frustrations I had to deal with in the morning.

Well, that's why we all should have family and make more babies. Yippeeee!!


ally rahman said...

bersedialah untuk melihat zarief berlari

D.N.A.S said...

Sebelum berlari, dia memunggah dan menyelongkar dulu.... huhuhu...

Mazwin said...

ayat penutup itu...sunggguuhhhhhh....arggghhhhh!!!!!!!

D.N.A.S said...

sabarrr.. saya doakan awak mendapat jodoh yang baik. Insyaallah.....