Friday, April 02, 2010

Al Fatihah Abang Din Beramboi

When I heard about the sad news suddenly a scene from Raja Lawak Finale flashed in my mind. After one of the contestants' performance, Allahyarham told him, 'Kalau abang dah takde lagi kat Radio ERA, kau lah pengganti abang...'
I was rather confused at the time, suspecting he was getting better offer elsewhere. Little did I know he was leaving us all forever.
I cannot call myself a fan for I only listened to him and Aznil when there were long commercials at Sinar FM. Or when Salih  Yaacob and Kak Engku were not at Sinar in the morning, I'd switch to ERA.
But for me Allahyarham was one of Malaysian entertainers who was a brand by himself. With his own identity (although many claimed he copied the character of legendary Din Beramboi of UiTM Shah Alam - some of you might have heard of this legend...;)) and his multi talent he became a household name in Malaysia. Most kids knew him from the TV series 'Afi dan Abah'. I will remember him from Ning's video klip. Never thought he could become a serious character as portrayed in that MV. Hehe.
We came from HIM and we'll return to HIM. As according to Herman Tino, 'Mati adalah pasti, Hidup insyaallah.....'
Let's recite Al Fatihah to Din Beramboi, everybody will remember him with a smile (or probably a hearty laugh).


Jade said...

kak dayang, i watched that part where he said it as well... :-) just so happened we were watching the rerun masa tu...

D.N.A.S said...

I also watched the rerun. Bila baca his Tweets, lagi sedih.