Tuesday, April 27, 2010

Makcik Calon - April update

This has got to be one my slowest progressing mission. February and March passed by without any positive signs. Then a few weeks ago I finally managed to get Calon Cewek and Calon Cowok to have lunch together (plus 3 more people on the same table....) Somehow I could sense that Calon Cowok noticed that I've been trying to pair them. When he came to join us for lunch he tried to flirt a bit with Calon Cewek. And I just couldn't understand why in the world Calon Cewek was not playing along.

Well let me just get some facts straight, Calon Cowok's humour is not something that all cewek could take. Sometimes it's rather rude or most of the times just plain stupid. I believe Calon Cewek didn't really like his jokes or his flirt that day. She sat eating very quietly and didn't really participate in the conversation. Anyway, due to the awkwardness, we didn't engage in interesting conversation at all. Everybody tried to be polite (after some stupid jokes that Calon Cowok made) and in the end it was one of the most boring lunch I ever had.

I got to know from a very reliable source that Calon Cewek was interested in Calon Cowok. But that was a month before that lunch we had. Now I am now very sure anymore. It will be a great waste if Calon Cowok ruins this effort. The truth is many guys are after Calon Cewek but none of them dares to make the first move.

Lately I've been spending quite a lot of time with Calon Cewek and I realized that she has a virtual wall built around her that is very difficult to penetrate. Just when I thought I was getting to know her better, she'll just block many more things from me. At times I wonder whether she's hiding some dark history of her life.

Perhaps what I should do next is warn Calon Cowok to appear as a gentleman in front of her. Although that's definitely not Calon Cowok's personality but I hope he'll manage to change Calon Cewek's perception. Actually Calon Cowok is not too bad looking. He might not appear as handsome as some Hollywood movie stars but he's quite easy on the eyes. Just easy, not handsome but not bad either. I know he can get Calon Cewek if he really put some effort.

Ok, now for my challenge this coming May: how do I get both of them to spend some quality time together (again?). Just the two of them.... minus the usual hang out friends. How ar? Howwww?????


outsyed said...

can i suggest that you dropped this matchmaking business?
if the fella is really serious or has eyes or is interested. he would have made his move a long time ago.
if the girl feels that she really wants to pursue the matter, she would have also made some effort as well.

D.N.A.S said...

Hi outsyed,
betul betul betul......