Thursday, April 15, 2010

The neighbour from hell

I was reading MM's column on STAR online yesterday and the article reminded me of a neighbour I used to have when I was staying in Serdang. It was the semester that I decided to start living outside UPM campus. I rented a small room and was sharing with 2 senior girls. They were third year Bachelor students while I just started my first year then.

Roommate #1 was a Kelantanese girl, very cute, very talkative and had a boyfriend. Roomate #2 was from Selangor, her looks were rather unfriendly, quite reserved and didn't have a boyfriend.
Let's just call Roommate #1 Leen and Roommate #2 Leenda. Leen's boyfriend would come and fetch her at least 3 times a day: Morning lecture, afternoon lecture and dinner time. They're always together and quite a famous pair of love birds in her faculty.

Leenda was quite a lone ranger. She'd rather stay at home most of the times to do her assignments, read or just watched TV. Although she didn't look that friendly the truth was she's quite a chatter when the conversation really hit her interests. Things like hi-tech gadgets, AV and action movies were among her favorites. She's not so much of a gossiper. I tried digging a few things from her but her mouth were sealed. Leen and Leenda had been living in the house for more than 2 years, so I guessed she was trying to keep a few things from me.

Until one day they had a quarrel. I just got back from my afternoon electronics lab when I heard Leenda shouting in the room. A few minutes later Leen stormed out with red, swollen eyes. I saw her boyfriend was waiting for her outside the gate.

It took me about 10 minutes before I decided to enter the room and ask Leenda what it was all about. She told me she was just reminding Leen not to have her boyfriend coming to the house too often. Although he never came in, but he was seen so frequently in front of the house, waiting for Leen to get ready. I knew she meant well. It's just not appropriate to have a single guy coming to a single ladies' house that often. However, Leen told me that Leenda didn't take it too well. She accused her of being jealous.

So, I told Leenda that perhaps the best thing to do is just stay away from Leen's business. She should realize the consequences especially having to deal with society judgement.

That's when Leenda told me the story about our neighbour.

The family house on our right didn't look like any other house in the neighbourhood. A translated Quranic verse was written with red paint on the wall. I never really take a close look at the writing. I thought it was just some graffiti by their children. Leenda told me that the Quranic verse was on 'zina'; a reminder to everybody to stay away from 'zina'.

According to Leenda, the neighbour, let's just nicname him Pakcik K (K for Karut) had always suspected that my housemates were bringing back their boyfriends to stay overnight. Pakcik K even called the 'surau people' to come and raid the house. The 'surau people' believed him and came to the house one night only to find a few ladies watching TV in baby-Ts, shorts and 'kain batik'. (I thought, they must be enjoying the view then...) They checked the rooms, bathroom and kitchen too. That's just too much, I think.

Afraid that the 'surau people' would come again, Leenda had no choice but to warn Leen about her boyfriend. Leen was aware of Pakcik K's obsession but she decided not to really care. After I knew the story I started to notice that Pakcik K would shoot looks of disapproval at us all everytime he passed in front of the house. His wife didn't like us too I think, as she never returned my smile.

It's rather strange and I thought it's not fair for Pakcik K and wife to judge us like that. They must've looked at us as sinners and thought boys were coming to the house for wild parties every other night.

One day, I just came back from lunch and found both Leen and Leenda rolling on the floor laughing, their faces were red and Leen was almost crying. I asked why and what has happened. It seemed rather funny as a few days earlier they were at each other's throat.

Leenda, who didn't have lecture that morning was at home alone. She did her laundry and was about to hang her pail of clothes at the patio when she heard strange noise coming from Pakcik K's house. She put her pail down slowly and started peeping through Pakcik K's sliding door. Their ceiling fan was on so the curtain moved a bit. Leenda couldn't really see what's happening inside but she could hear the noise more clearly. There were sounds of male and female voices moaning and groaning and it gets louder.

Leenda then stood on a stool near the wall between our houses to have a closer look. She could see there were two children (Pakcik K's sons) in front of the TV, watching hardcore p0rn video!!! Pakcik K and wife were out at work that morning and it was school holiday. Seemed like his two sons took the opportunity to get some extra 'education'.

When Leen and Leenda were done laughing, I asked them... 'Whose p0rn videos do you think those were?' They looked at each other and screamed 'PAKCIK K's!!!!!' And we laughed hysterically until the three of us were exhausted and hungry.

After that incident, I couldn't look at Pakcik K's face and not laugh.  PERVERT!

And when I think about it now, Pakcik K must have had some wild imaginations on what's going on in our house that he became that obsessed. Hmph... we should've reported to the 'surau people' about his possession of p0rn material. And I can't help but wonder what his two sons turn out to be now.


kenwooi said...

lol.. interesting eh.. and such a hypocritical pakcik K eh.. dont allow others to commit a sin, but he has his own stash of "entertainment".. =P

.Dd LaLa. said...

this is so funny. too much porn can create wild imagination, siapa yang jadi mangsa...the neighbour...hehehe

Jade said...

ooohhhhh..... the "hollier-than-thou" bunch!! they are everywhere!!

btw, my validation word, almost spelt "pervert". hahahaha... it's "peretr", but the r is shapped like v...

John F SeaDemon said...

More often than not, those who try to portray themselves as holier-than-thou are the sex perverts as they try to oppress what is natural for us human beings. The wife wouldn't smile to you people because I suspect even the unfriendly Leenda looked much sexier than she, while she has to cover up, look 40 years older than her true age, appear unappetizing even to the husband.

These people, should learn Islam, that peeping into the affairs of others, is a huge sin in the eyes of Allah, as mentioned in several ayats and aHadith as-Sahih.

Just the other day, I met a batch mate of mine at a forum. This guy is like religion himself, supporting a certain political party like it would be a sin not to support it. The moment he starts talking to us, it was about sex, and I, the great-with-profanities SeaDemon, cringed listening to him.

Oh, he had his skullcap on when he spoke to us about sex. Then again, skullcap is a Jewish tradition. So, maybe he's not a champion of Islam after all.