Friday, April 30, 2010

A (very angry) message to all Prudential insurance agents

I am going to be a very rude person today for I've been receiving so many rude phone calls from Prudential insurance agents. Firstly, I just want to establish that I have never gave my consent (in any form that I've filled up in my entire life) for any insurance agent to call me. Especially when I've never met them in real life. If it just so happened that we have mutual friends in Facebook, it doesn't mean you know me.

Other insurance agents have been professional enough to introduce themselves and inform me how they got my cell phone numbers. Some of them are friends to my not-so-close friends. Since they were polite, I treated them well. I understood they're just trying to make a living.

But that's not the case with a few Prudential insurance agents who've been calling me lately. They were persistent, unprofessional, rude and unethical. Their calls were really annoying and at times they're close to harassment.

Most of the times, they just told me their names and the plan that they wanted to sell to me. Hello, are you insurance agents or telemarketers? If you've decided to become an insurance agent, you should realize that you're becoming a salesman. You have products to sell and you have to win your customer's heart in order to close the deal. I don't understand why some of you are stupid enough to force people to buy. Not only that, you're explaining the importance of insurance as if the person on the line is a moron.

I am not an angel. And as a human being, I'm not the patient one when having to deal with pushy people. I just want each of these agents to know that as a salesman, you at the mercy of those future customers. So, play the game well. I can mention names here but I decided not to as that will only make me look unprofessional.

This message also goes to the people/organization who provided my number to the agents without my consent. I want them to realize that information trading such as this is illegal and not halal. Think about the status of commission you're getting. The commission is not halal, and you buy food for your children with that money? Think again.


Jade said...

This is in no way rude kakak! It needs to be said, and job well done! I totally agree with you.

Oh just a note, just in case some agent create fancy tales (because I know some people just use other people's names to make the link) I never gave any details of my friends to any agents. :-)

Take care!

eyna said...

i'm 100% with you...

depa ni nak cakap direct pun, agak2 la sikit. i tension betul bila depa dok paksa2. dah org kata tak interested tu, dah la. ni tak paham bahasa pastu boleh kata kita ni very negative minded.. boleh gitu!!! kurang ajar betul agent ni..

ally rahman said...

just inform me if you receive the same problem from etiqa agents, I can forward this matter to the top...

D.N.A.S said...

ya betul. Some used their ex-colleagues' names (whom I've only met once or twice). Very annoying.

usually I just told them to stop calling me and saved their numbers as Loser1, Loser2 dan seterusnya.

don't worry. Agent Etiqa so far beretika. Otherwise, mmg cannot live up to the name lah.

John F SeaDemon said...

For that reason I have no insurance coverage. I value my peace and tranquility