Sunday, May 16, 2010


Zarif had another round of cirit-birit about three weeks ago. And just like any other baby, it took about 9 days for him to recover though not fully. The first 4 nights we didn't get much sleep as he would cirit every hour and I had to take 2 days' leave to care for him at home. This time we went to see the paediatrician at SJMC and luckily he was not dehydrated, so the doctor advised not to admit him but monitor him at home.
After 5 days of having free lactose formula milk and plain rice porridge seemed better. I left him at daycare on the 6th day. Although he hasn't really recovered then, the people in charge at the daycare was okay to have him there.
On the 9th day he showed a lot of improvement but the next day he had intermittent fever, he was crying throughout the night. His gum looked swollen and I suspected he's teething. The next day he started coughing and was having runny nose. At night he would wake up every two hours and cried. He refused to drink milk or plain water. Sometimes he just wanted to play with his toys on the floor. There's nothing much I could do, so I just waited until he's too tired and fell asleep himself.
The funny thing was I could wake up every morning and went to work. When I was younger (like 8 years ago), sleepless nights really took a toll on my health. This time everything is different. It's true when people say that every mother's experience is unique and every child is not the same.
I had been sleep deprived for more than 2 weeks when I suddenly felt bloated and my stomach became upset. I understood that although I could function as per normal, the body would still complain. Perhaps I was mentally stronger these days but my old tummy still showed the usual symptoms of depression and badly need good rest.
When Zarif was having his on and off fever, I was also down with gastric. I went to see our usual family doctor and she prescribed me an even stronger medicine this time. I had to take it for 10 days.
Gastric and constant headache are two most glaring signs that the body couldn't take it any more. It's signalling us to slow down and have a good rest. Since I understood the signal well, and I thought I deserve a long holiday, and now that pound is quite cheap, so I'll be taking 8 days off work to have a good rest in Lancaster during the school holidays. Yeay!!!!
No shopping this time, just resting and enjoying nature (ok, I'll really have to stick to my words as I'm bringing very little money this time).


dillazag said...

And a much deserved one at that, sista. :) Have a good rest. (bukan shopping, ya!!!!) hihihihi

D.N.A.S said...

the trip is actually very much inspired by your Tweet a few months ago, remember? I knew from your Tweet that Pound was at RM4.88 then...!! Hehe. Last week it was at RM4.92. But considered still okay lah. During my last trip it was at RM6.7.