Friday, August 27, 2010

What do I want for my anniversary? Hmmm...

My hubby has been asking me what I'd like to have for our 10th wedding anniversary. My immediate answer was 'Donno'...and made a blank face. He asked, 'Nak handbag baru?' I shrugged my shoulder, still couldn't decide because I just bought a huge Charles and Keith handbag in early July, after my birthday. And it was so cheap and roomy and kinda suits my current hectic schedule.

So, I went browsing for handbags. First I Googled for Coach handbags (ori and imitation hehehe). I've used Coach before and thought the product was long lasting. I liked a few of the bags I found. For example this one:

Pink, black and beige.
I thought, pink is kinda cute. But just imagine carrying this on my right shoulder and Zarif on the other. After a month, this cute thing will look like belacan.
The second Coach bag I liked was this one. It's not to be carried on the shoulder, I usually saw women just slid their slim arms and the bag should hang nicely between their palm and elbow. I looked at my big arms and thought, 'Forget it, I'd be lucky if I manage to put my arms half through this and carry it comfortably.'

Yeah, you look nice but you're not destined to be mine.
The one that would suit me well would be this next one. The color, the material and the size are just nice. But when I looked in my wardrobe and saw my old Coach, they look almost the same except for the leather strap. Hmmmph... cannot buy this one lah...

Simple, stylo but I already have one.
Next, I googled for Guess handbags and fell in love with this one. Looks roomy and comfy to carry. But it's WHITE lah.... WHITE. I must be out of my mind if I buy anything white because they'd turn yellowish or brownish before I know it.
Pretty in white, but I'm clumsy so no thanks...
The other Guess handbag that I thought was big enough for me to stuff Zarif's clothes, nappies, milk bottles, wet wipes and toys would be this one. But, where's the long strap? Hello... hello.... takde tali selendang ke?
Argh... reject...
Glam makcik ni.
I also checked out this Mulberry bag. I heard it's rather expensive. Saw the store in Cheshire Oaks when we went there but I totally forgot to stop by. This one looked classy, simple and not too conservative. I'd get one if we go to UK again, but I won't buy this here. Mahal seeeeh...
If I carry this, must act ladylike macam princess... kekeke
Oh, and there's this Stella McCartney's that I love so much. Tengoklah, cantik tak? Cantik tak? Cantik, kan? Tetapi, di manakah di KL ni kedai yang menjual Stella McCartney? Isy, have to google some more.
I love you babe!
After I was done browsing for handbags, I started searching for heels. I love heels because I walk properly when I'm wearing heels, kalau tak, jalan bersepah kalah jantan.
But I will never ever wear this heels la... oh please, fashion statement kalah angkasa lepas. Even Lady Gaga looked ridiculous in this.
Argh, help!!! My toes! toes! I've lost them.
I love flat pumps too but everytime I wear them my calf hurts. I suspect it's my bone structure problem.

I'm cute and so are you.
I'd usually stick to this type of heels. They're suitable for my weight, height and career. They're usually very light too.
Can you smell the leather? Hmmm I like..
When I'm in the mood untuk sepak orang, I'd wear something like this one... hehehe...
Bila makcik mood garang, makcik pakai kasut macam ni.

Well, back to the anniversary gift hunt tadi. After a few days of thinking and a few rounds of visiting Parkson and Tangs I brought home a product brochure and showed it to my hubby. 

I decided I want this:

Very the makcik-makcik, kan? But I want them sebab kat rumah takde.
So, let's see if hubby would buy those. Both of us are rather fickle minded. Even if we've decided on something for months, once we hit the store you'll never know what we'll finally get. Just wait and see lah... 


the principal said...

tak pernah dpt apa2 for my wedding anniversary. So, for our 10th wedding anniversary which we celebrated last March, mintak holiday ke London. Hmmm....10tahun tunggu tu.

D.N.A.S said...

Kak Emy,
two years ago I pernah berangan nak mintak pegi Europe tour as 10th anniversary gift. Tapi, sebab tahun ni ada baby maka tak sesuailah pulak nak pegi Europe tour, kan. Jadi, I pun mintaklah something else.

Didie said...

hehe.. i pun ada set nih tapi beli sendiri tau. kak dayang, mintak hadiah lain ler :-p

Spena said...

I bought this set 5 tahun lepas sebab aku suka - I got the salad design. tapi pakai nya maybe setahun sekali je....hehehe