Monday, September 06, 2010

Kisah shopping raya melampau

Last Friday we had a project closure meeting in KLCC. Both Mrs. B and me were invited to the meeting as we're both key persons for support contracts. We reached at customer's office 3 minutes late after some confusion during lift transit (boleh). Well, none of us have been to the higher floors of KLCC. Usually we were stucked at the Suria shopping floors only. Hahaha. 
So, the meeting went well and halfway through the meeting Mrs. E joined us. There was a small contract signing ceremony after that and everybody was happy that the project was completed before time (ehem... ehem... kepada contractor yang banyak buat project dengan gomen, sila lah contohi kami ye...).
It was a Friday and the meeting ended around 11a.m. If we were to drive back to office, we'll reach there right before lunch break and we won't achieve much. Most of the people we needed to see would have driven out of office or went to take nap somewhere. 
Mrs. E asked us to accompany her to buy a new pair of shades at one of the shops in Suria KLCC. Neither me nor Mrs B was the stylo mylo type, but many people said we have good taste lah. Hahaha. 
Mrs E was looking for shades for driving. She has meetings everywhere, KL, Shah Alam, Putrajaya, Cyberjaya. So, shades plays such an important role in her daily activities. After 10 minutes of trying a few designs, she bought one and was happy with it. While she was trying the shades, Mrs B and I were also trying on a few. Mrs E excused herself after paying at the counter as she was having another meeting soon after that. 

Mrs. B and I headed towards Parkson as we're taking the lift there to go to the car park. Well, you know the modern saying, 'Kalau kau takut setan, jangan pegi tempat setan bertendang.' Just as we passed by the perfume counter Mrs. B told me, 'Perfume aku dah nak abis bai. Jom tengok Armani jap...' Oleh kerana dah singgah Armani punya counter, maka selepas itu terpaksalah singgah jugak kat Gucci, Burberry,Boss, Davidoff etc etc etc...
Earlier this year I bought Burberry The Beat during Parkson Sale at Subang Parade. Since this was the only perfume I had this year, maka memang dah nak abis pun isi kandungannya. Pagi-pagi pun, pancit pelan-pelan je. 

The Beat, kalau pakai, teringat cerita Harry Potter sebab Emma Watson tu jadik model dia.
The one I had before The Beat was Burberry by Burberry. I used this one in 2008/2009 and 2006/2007. The smell was so distinctive, my friends started to associate this smell with me. Just imagine, when we went out in a group and if someone smelled this perfume mesti diorang cakap, 'Eh, ada bau Dayang lah...' And then there's another time my friend came to me one day and told me, 'Semalam aku pegi shopping. Ada satu perfume ni aku rasa sesuai sangat dengan kau.' I asked, 'which perfume?'. Dia jawab, 'Burberry by Burberry.' Hahahahaha.... Nanti aku suggest diorang rename the perfume to Dayang by Burberry lah.
Perfume paling sesuai pakai ke pejabat sebab bau tak kuat.

In between the two bottles of Burberry by Burberry, I was using this one, Burberry Weekend. The smell was very mild, kalau pakai rasa macam dah weekend je. Rasa malas pun makin menjadi-jadi. After one bottle, I decided not to use it anymore.
Indahnya hujung minggu.... ngeee...
So, back to the shopping story kat KLCC tu tadi. After hopping from one counter to another (and smelling coffee bean berkali-kali so that hidung tidak menjadi tepu) I decided to buy Burberry Summer while Mrs. B bought Giorgio Armani Code.
Bau ala-ala musim panas yang romantis gitu.
I also got some freebies from the sales girl. Boleh tahan jugak the smell of Burberry Sport. Suitable for women who love outdoor activities. Adakah bermakna jika aku guna Burberry Sport ini maka aku akan makin rajin pegi outdoor? Lantas haruskah aku membeli basikal? Hehehe...
Very refreshing smell. Sapa ngantuk, boleh sembur ni kat lubang hidung dia.

Once we're done investing our hard earned money at Parkson, we headed back to the office. Nak dijadikan cerita, they were having Ramadhan Bazaar at the office. Mrs B and I pun terus cepat-cepat letak barang dan pergi melakukan aktiviti untuk menjana ekonomi di kalangan ofismet pula. We bought cakes, raya cookies, scarves and a few pairs of baju raya. Huiyyoooo! Seronok I tell you.
At around 2.30pm we sat down at my cubicles and did a reality check. 'Isy, dah habis dah duit dalam wallet aku.' Mrs. B pura-pura terkejut upon checking her wallet.

I checked my wallet and still had some to top-up my Touch n Go card later.

Seronok.... seronok.... tiba-tiba terasa macam baru real nak Raya...!

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