Tuesday, November 16, 2010

It's your choice

There's no ugly woman in this world, there are few lazy ones who think they're too busy to look beautiful. Many years ago I suffered this cronic disease called 'I'm fat, therefore I must hide.' In 1999 I discovered Ms Read at Jusco One Utama. I bought a blouse and a jacket that year. I still remember the price of the blouse, it was RM80. That was the most expensive blouse I ever bought back then. The jacket was around RM160 after 20% less. Both of them has done a lot to me and my self image. They're still good until today, at times I still wear the jacket, but the blouse is too transparent and since I don't have any suitable inner wear I decided to retire it. Some lucky woman in Cambodia might be wearing it to the market this week, I don't know. 

This is not a brand promotion, I'm just sharing my experience as a plus sized woman who was just too tired of the local fashion scene and unavailability of good clothing for big girls. 

There was a time when I bought really loose blouses and pants from pasar malam/kedai pakaian hari-hari and even men's wear department just because they fit. Most didn't fit that well, they just made me ugly but comfy. 

After 12 years becoming their loyal customer, I've been updating my wardrobe with their collection every quarter. Most people thought my attire was from Marks and Spencer but looked a lot nicer. There's not much variety at M&S outlets here, especially work shirts and slacks. I got my casual clothes from M&S most of the times.

Besides Ms Read, Big Brown Bag is not too bad. Although some of the cuts don't really suit me, but I kinda like their skirts, especially those bias ones. Debenham's work clothes are also quite nice and you can get them at very attractive prices during Malaysia Mega Sales.

All in all, these days big girls in Malaysia have the choice to wear good clothes (though not branded ones like Prada or Gucci). Now there's no more excuse to wear baggy clothes and look like you're attending slumber party.

BTW, I've met the model in the Ms Read advert above in real life and she's really gorgeous. I think she's a size 12. For someone who wears size 16 (and some designs size 18) I'm so proud of her.


maszuzu said...

m&s malaysia collections sometimes sucks..mostly makes me look older hahaha... "konon nak nampak muda la tu" but shoes is cantik and comfy..i bought a mary jane and i swear by it!! ms read has improved a lot. I like total women as well. DP sometimes mahal nak mampus... i use to get their jeans at 10quid..sigh... when i do shopping, i wish i am in europe..or at least london...

D.N.A.S said...

Every year kumpul duit sbb nak pegi shopping kat Europe time summer. Season lain fabric dia kurang sesuai sket.