Wednesday, November 10, 2010

My fat clothes

A few weeks ago my friends bought two pants, one her size while the other was one size bigger. Both were the same design and color. I asked her why. She told me the one in her size was for her pretty days, the bigger one was for her fat days. 

Ok, that makes sense.

We all have our 'slim jeans' and fat clothes somewhere in the wardrobe. I keep my fat clothes at the farthest corner as I try not to wear them too often. They make us feel complacent, ok and then start to feel lazy to go and exercise. 

But that doesn't stop me from buying more fat clothes. They come in very handy on days when I feel too bloated and conscious of my extra KGs (as if those KGs were not there on our pretty days). 

So, I bought this black crepe jubah from the same online store I mentioned in my earlier post. It's supposed to be my fat clothes for khenduri. Well, I'm also planning to wear it to khenduris which I know would serve really-really nice food that I might go for 3rd and 4th servings!! Haha, matilamak nak burn calories tu nanti!

So, here's me in my fat jubah on my fat day. Look how slim Mr Hubby is! Jealous, ok!! Arghhh... tomorrow must go to gym and burn 500calories.

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maszuzu said...

om my fatter then fat's dress and leggings all the way...hahahaa... demmit!!! I've just realised that I've been wearing that very often now!!! uwaaaaaa.....