Wednesday, March 30, 2011

Frustasi ... part 2

Ok, I've been seeing the doctor 4 times this week. Each time my BP reading was high. She told me to rest, not eat or drink coffee before coming for the BP check and I did. But my reading remained high.

Today I did the blood tests as advised by the doctor. She needed to check my cholesterol level, blood sugar, organ condition and I also did the dreaded urine test too. Who likes urine test. Having to force yourself to pee after fasting for 12 hours is not easy. Although I did drink a few glasses of plain water before coming to the clinic but still, I hate peeing into a tiny cup in the narrow toilet.

I had a long chat with the doctor because she's trying to dig my history, my lifestyle and what could be the cause of the sudden spike in my BP. Well, can't really call it a spike as it's been high for almost a week now. I told her about my BP was at a worrying level back in 2008 but after that I took a few drastic actions to control it. Luckily I got pregnant in Dec 2008 and my BP stabilized from then onwards until March 2011. Then she started telling me to start walking at least twice a week and I told her that I actually go to the gym and do cardio, strength and sometimes weight training twice a week.

She asked about what I eat and I told her that I've been cooking dinner for at least three times a week. Other than that, we sometimes pack food or eat out. I didn't go in detail about what I cook but I do have my own checklist of the things that I allow to go into my family members' tummies. Lean meat, chicken breasts, fish, seafood and leafy vegetables have always been in my shopping list and bought twice a week as I don't want to keep those things too long in the fridge. Coconut milk and margarine are banned in my kitchen. So, no gulai lemak cili api or curry for dinner. I usually cooked the vege stir fried style or as soup. As for chicken, meat and fish, I love making assam pedas, sambal or masak kicap and all my cooking contain very little salt and sugar.

Well most of the recipes were copied from Biggest Loser website as I don't know how to count the calories if I were to come up with my own.

The doctor didn't ask about my work but she told me to change my lifestyle. Get enough rest, don't think too much about work problems, drink enough plain water and eat healthily.

Ok, now I'm so frustrated because I've been doing all those things for the past 5 years and yet my BP still skyrocket.

I decided to stop arguing and over analyzing things. The doctor prescribed me with Hypertension medicine and I have been taking it since yesterday. My next appointment with the doctor will be in a week's time. I hope the medicine works.

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