Saturday, October 15, 2011

Amerika and books from Big Bad Wolf sale

I bought Amerika from the author himself, Ridhwan Saidi on 17th September 2011 (yup, on the same day Jerat was launched). And yeah, I managed to get his autograph. There are many reviews posted on blogs of this 2nd novel from Ridhwan. His first novel is Cekik, which I read in May 2011. 
A few readers managed to finish reading Amerika in just a few hours but it took me almost a month! It's been a busy month for me as I was doing a few projects simultaneously and at the same time I had to attend problem calls at customers' place. 
So, when did I have the time to read? One hour before retiring to bed. That is if the boys behaved. Otherwise, I'd end up playing games with them. 
So, what's so interesting about Amerika? If you are the type of reader who's only interested in plot, then you should pick this book up and start enjoying something quite different. I have been reading many Grisham's, Dan Brown's and Jeffrey Archer's books and it's only natural that I love stories with twists, colourful characters, thrilling scenes etc. But when I started reading Amerika, it was like having my first taste of chicken tikka masala after years of eating masak lemak cili api. 
The book, to me is not a heavy reading material. It allows me to drift. It's a great choice for unwinding after a tiring day. Sipping my hot Neslo while reading Amerika was enough to make me forget about bitchy Account Managers, demanding customers and Malaysian drivers' attitude. 
I took my time enjoying every paragraph as if it's my own journey along a kampung road with asam jawa trees lining each side. I could feel some heat from the sun but the shadow keeps me cool. 
I have to admit that I admire the main character: Murshid Merican. He takes charge of his life. He throws away his cell phone! (I wish I could do that). He cares a lot about his friends, his city, his people and his country. And he expresses himself well.
You don't have to guess the plot of this book, just go with the flow. Just have fun. Think freely. Or just don't think at all. 

You can buy it online at

A few days after I was done reading Amerika, I needed new books so I headed to Big Bad Wolf sale held at MAEPS (yup, that huge place where MAHA is held anually). This was my first time going to this huge book warehouse sale, so I didn't know what to expect. But I managed to do a few homework before deciding to go. I checked the website and read Leen Bakar's blog entry that provided some tips and tricks on how to survive at BBW. 
I went there after having a meeting in Putrajaya (which is only 15 minutes drive from MAEPS). I skipped lunch as I had to be back at the customer's office by 3pm. 
When I parked my car it was already 1.30pm. The hall didn't seem that far from where I parked, so I decided to walk. After 2 minutes walking, I started to regret my decision because it was simmering hot, and I was wearing black long pants with black blouse. Bad choice of clothes. 
I guess I entered the hall with a red face but excitement made me ignored it. Since it was my first time at BBW sale, I was a bit 'jakun' and felt like a child who got the chance to play at a huge playground. 
I made an end to end quick browsing before stopping at tables with books that I thought were quite interesting. My friend/work colleague was also there so we had fun reading Chic Lit and horror synopsis. I lost interest in Chic Lit since I don't remember when. Perhaps I am getting older. 
After more than an hour, I only managed to grab 5 books, 4 novels and 1 novella. I'm starting with the novella first, because it's thin. Hehe. Hope I can finish it by this weekend. I'm going to find the time to clear my mind, sit on my favorite armchair and enjoy the novella. It's entitled First Love. Yeah, let's get romantic this weekend. Hope you'll have a nice one too! Peace y'all!!

These - for only RM37


say- O said...

assalamualaikum kak.

saya 3 hari lepas baru saja habis baca novel jerat. memang thriller dan superb!! hopefully akak akan buatkan lagi novel baru,

dan buku Amerika tu, saya ada beli juga. cuma tak sempat nak baca, kena ikut aturan waiting list, hehe. Apapun, bila akak dah review dan bagi good recommendation pasal novel ni, so kena ubah la waiting list punya susunan.

BBW tu saya ada pergi juga. 1st time juga. Jakun juga, haha. Memang tak masuk akal juga harga- rm8 untuk yang normally rm60. Dan esok nak pergi lagi, for the third time.

D.N.A.S said...

Waalaikumsalam say-O.
Terima kasih sebab sudah dapatkan Jerat. Itu novel pertama saya, jadi kiranya eksperimen juga tu. Banyak lagi nak kena kaji semula sebelum mula tulis novel kedua.
Novel Amerika tu best baca bila time rilek2. Tengah2 tension pun boleh jadi tenang. Hehehe. said...

jerat itu isinya apa???