Thursday, October 06, 2011

Zarif is two!!

Zarif turned two during the fasting month. I was so lazy to blog about it then, so only managed to put up a few of his latest photos today. He is now big enough to take his own drink from the fridge and can take clothes off himself.
I love orange, look at my Asadi slippers
Now he can construct simple but complete sentences like 'Nak pegi taman!' and 'Taknak makan nasik!'. He can also pronounce his brothers' names properly.

I wanna play ball
But still, he's not that interested to watch TV. He'd rather watch You Tube on the iPad and plays with his toys. Almost every night, he's the last one to fall sleep (before me). He's probably not going to be a morning person too (just like me) as he'll only wake up at around 9a.m.
The Kakak at the daycare told us a few times that Zarif can see small objects from very far away, and it amazed them. I think my boy has bionic eyes (maybe, well... who knows). Perhaps that's the reason why he doesn't like watching TV. 

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