Sunday, November 06, 2011

The simple things in life

A few years ago I wrote something here about things I love like gardening, traveling and crochet. Well, crochet is a craft almost forgotten by the younger generation nowadays. I was lucky because my late grandma taught me how do it when I was only 9 years old. 
My mom never planned to get me to learn this craft because to her, I was too boyish to be doing anything this girly. Well actually this is not really a girly stuff because I've met a few men who know how to make beautiful crochet. 
So, one day in 1983 I went for a sleepover at my grandma's house. She was all alone. Well, in fact she's been living alone most of the time as my youngest uncle who was a teacher, was posted quite far from our hometown. My mom and I used to visit my grandma during the weekends. So, that Saturday I didn't follow my mom home and decided to stay with my grandma. 
My grandma was a strong woman who's not only independent but also very determined. So, that night she lectured me about a few things (not to be a tomboy was one of them). The next day she brought out a funny looking needle and crochet yarn. First she showed me how to do it, then she passed the needle and yarn to me. 
My hands are not that flexible, so it was very difficult to yarn over and sticking the needle in the right stitch without hurting my fingers. After about 4 hours, finally I managed to produce a decent looking basic stitch. 

Crochet pun ada encyclopedia, don't play-play.

So, that was what happened 28 years ago. Ever since I could master the basic stitch, I've been learning a few other stitches and patterns from relatives, friends and books. The funny thing was, most of the patterns I got were passed down from older relatives. They were photocopied from Japanese crochet books. I couldn't understand any of the instructions, so I just guessed them based on the patterns.
In 1998, I found the first crochet book written in English. I bought 3 of them. There are about 20 patterns in each book, but they were expensive. One of them cost me more than RM40.
I've completed about 10 projects ever since. The pieces are lying at a few places in my house: the coffe table, shoe rack, computer monitor and book rack. Some are kept in the drawers as I don't know where to put them. Some are just too 80s and don't match my furniture.
The last project I did was way back in 2001. After the birth of my first child, I couldn't find the time for crochet. I was either too occupied, or I was afraid that my baby would find the needle, play with it and hurt himself. So, my crochet box and books have been hidden in the loneliest corner, collecting dust.
Last week, as I was browsing books at MPH, I found the Crochet Stitches Visual Encyclopedia (picture). There are hundreds of stitches and patterns that I've never seen my whole life! I was so excited that I bought the book without a second thought.
Now that this major project I'm doing is almost completed, I'm planning to start a crochet project soon! However, I'll need to find a way to hide the needles from Zarif. He's just too curious about things.

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ezyane said...

Wow.. 28 years crochet eh kak..hehe..lama tu.. saya baru belajar.. since 2008 till now.. but mostly I crochet amigurumi.. tak pernah lg crochet doilly :)

Hope dpt tgk project crochet akak tu.. ;)