Thursday, December 29, 2011

Injury update

I hurt my right knee and my ribcage when I had a fall two weeks ago. Yeah, I fell! It's been 17 years since I last fell. I hate falling because I totally lost control over my body.
The doctor advised me not to walk or climb stairs too much. I was supposed to rest at home for 4 days with the right leg raised slightly higher whenever I lie down or sitting on the sofa. I did just that, resting at home watching TV and reading 1Q84.
On Monday, 4 days after the fall, I decided to start working and it was a stupid decision. My knee was swollen by the time I reached home that night.
So, the healing process was slow. I couldn't walk or pray properly. Driving to the office and customer's place was quite a torture.
Last Friday, the skin on my knee started peeling off. It's not swollen anymore but I couldn't climb the stairs like a normal person. I felt like a handicap.( If only they let us park our cars at the reserved OKU spots when we hurt our knees. ) I went to see the doctor for a follow up session.
This morning, I felt slightly better and tried running up the stairs. The knee didn't ache, so I suppose next week I should start going to the gym. Hehe. I think the gym misses me. ;)

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