Monday, April 23, 2012

Kerudung Dilemma

I woke up one morning and thought that I should revamp my wardrobe. The next day, I went to Flow and bought 3 new tops. The next week, I bought 3 cardigans from Ms. Read and M&S. Then I bought a casual jacket from Dorothy Perkins. Don't get me wrong, I didn't spend much on these new clothes. They were all on sale. After a few weeks of shopping and 12 mix and match combination later, the damage was still below RM1K.
Next, I bought flats from Charles & Keith (that was also on sale!). So, with all the new combination of top, cardigan, (existing) pants and flats, something was still missing, I think. I needed new tudungs. So, I went to buy 5 'tudung awning' at this new shop called Qaseh in Shah Alam. So, by then I have 12 X 5 mix and match combination - that's a whole new wardrobe to me. I was happy.
But, as most men claim, women are insatiable. I started flipping through fashion magazines, looking for something that I thought was still missing. Then I decided to buy Hijabista. It's a new fashion magazine for women who wear hijab. My first impression was, oh well, these hijab styles are waaaaay too advance for me. Some are quite ridiculous while some doesn't really serve the purpose to cover our aurat. Although I couldn't find the style I wanted, I still went to do some shopping in Shah Alam. Managed to get 2 silk shawls and 2 inners.
Next, I went through about 20 hijab tutorials on YouTube. Again, I was so surprised to learn that these women actually spend about 10 minutes to wear hijab. I don't have that much time in the morning. Frankly, I only spend 5 minutes in the shower and 5 minutes to get into my clothes and apply simple make-up. 15-20 minutes is spent waking up and preparing Zarif before driving him off to the day care. Simply put, I don't have much time for myself on most mornings. How am I going to commit 10 minutes to wear hijab?
So, I searched for the most basic hijab wearing style. After a few hours of practice, I managed to wear one style easily and it took me less than 2 minutes.
With 1 silk shawl, 1 inner and 2 small brooches, here's the result:

Tudung style ini akan berterbangan bila ditiup angin ...

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