Friday, September 06, 2013


I think sometimes I can be quite superstitious. Whenever I start on a new writing project, I won't tell anyone about it. If people ask what I was working on, I'd just tell them it's a new manuscript but not sure whether I'll ever finish it. There are times when I feel like sharing it with a friend, but a small voice inside me tells me not to, because the thing might never happen or might be totally rejected. So, I just keep everything to myself.
When my work is completed, I'll still keep quiet about it. Even after I've done rewriting and doing self editing, I won't tell anyone about it. Discussions with other people only happen when I need to brainstorm a few ideas, and they will never know what those things are about or will they ever be mentioned in the manuscript.
If the work is never released, I won't talk about it with anyone.
Many friends are usually very surprised whenever I have something published, be it a novel or short story. They will ask me, "when did you write them?" The truth is I don't write on a daily basis, but whenever I'm working on something, I will set aside at least 2 hours everyday to write. This is the type of commitment that works fine with me.
There is an English novella manuscript that I've been planning for almost a year but haven't found the right mood and the right songs to start it with. Now I'm afraid it will never happen as I have told a few people about it (including you, who's reading this now). Superstitious again!
After a few novels and short stories, I now realize that the most difficult part in writing is creating the emotion. Yup. Each character's emotion is the thing that determine whether the readers will be able to connect with them. Connect can mean love, hate, afraid, sympathize or empathize.
I've read a few novels where I didn't know what or how to feel towards the characters, as if I didn't really care. If the character is tortured or die, it won't make me cry. If they find their true loves, I won't feel any joy.
How I wish there is a formula, or a list of descriptions that I can use to ensure the readers can connect with the fictional characters I create.

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