Wednesday, December 06, 2006

My poem is beyond poetry

Your words hurt me
in so many ways
i couldn't explain how.

The cut is too deep
that whenever you are near
I'd look away.

It wounded
and left a fresh scar
so fresh that it bleeds
each time i see you
or even hear your name.


So, do you think it's fair for us to punish someone who hurt us
deliberately? Especially that someone puts his/her ego on top of
everything else? And we know that he/she is still in a state of
denial, to admit that what he/she has done is wrong.

Maybe a little revenge would help restore our self esteem, and
cure the wound he/she left us. Or perhaps triple fold revenge
would make us feel a lot happier so that we could continue with
our life peacefully.

Does successful revenge make it easier to fall asleep at night?
Do you feel contempt seeing him/her hurting the same way you
did? Would you cheer to see the defeated look in his/her eyes?
Is it a victory now that you managed to erect the tall walls
that he/she could no longer peek through? As the walls would
shield you heart, do you feel secured?

And he/she just keeps quite. He/she still looks at you the
same way, staring helplessly at your cold eyes. Treating
the cold shoulders you are giving as something he/she
deserves, no complains, just silence and a shadow of a
big question mark in his/her eyes.

You know he/she suffers too, but refuses to put the ego
away. He/she knows time will not heal. All you want to
hear is just a sincere apology, so that you can let
all these things out of the system. It's not a sin
to have a fresh start...


Jade said...

he/she must be an arian.. check my latest post.. :-) hugs.

no.. revenge is never a pleasure however sweet they say it is. ego is always a problem. let it go. it's hard, but u'll smile soon and sleep better.

Queens City said...

he/she must be gemini.....

The Human Fly said...

hey, thanks for adding my blog to your site.


DNAS said...

Jade and Queen,
the Weton is Tuesday Pahing. :)

Hi Jaffar,
I like your blog, very informative.

The Human Fly said...

Nice to hear that you like my blog DANA!.


Queens City said...

i think the entry refer tu aquarian...or....capricorn...

kimi azhan said...

Dee, what a poem.. hmm macam marah betul. But you know what? Anger mgmt is a skill, and only those who has the will power will be able to manage it.. i.e do not take any revenge as revenge will somehow happen on its own - dalam pelbagai bentuk.. I call it pengajaran. Those who do injustice will somehow pay for their action!

DNAS said...

bzzzz... wrong answer.

I would prefer if they pay me in US Dollars... hee heee.... Anyway, thanks for the concern, I'm not angry anymore. I've had a piece of Brownie Walnut with ice cream yesterday. So, now I'm in high spirits... la la la .. la la la....