Thursday, December 07, 2006

World peace

I am thankful there's oxigen everywhere
for I can breath them in and let them fill up my healthy lungs
I am thankful for the hills and mountains in this country
for they made great sceneries painters put on their canvases
I am thankful for the green forest that covers most part of my hometown
for when I needed really fresh air, I can always go there
I am thankful for my health
for I can continue building stamina and shed all these extra KGs.

I am grateful for this job
that is not keeping me away from my kids for more than 8 hours a day
I am grateful for having friends
who understand the meaning of 'I crave for chocolate, ice cream, pasta etc'
I am grateful for my car
that only requires re-fuelling once in 9 days
I am grateful for my lovely children
for their understanding and laughter that fills my ears
I am grateful for having a husband
as there are many women surviving alone as single parents.

I am happy for myself
as now I am a better person than yesterday
I am happy on behalf of yourself
if now you look at your surroundings
and say
"I am thankful and grateful for all these things too!"

p/s: Kimi, this is part of my anger management activities, ok.... hee heee...


kimi azhan said...

Dee - great piece, I like, I like, I like it! Wah... you boleh la join Emil (Lanie's son) utk tulis poem...

Hmmmmm... kenapalah my language teruk sgt?

Anyway, KuE is gonna be in town, she will arrive on 15DEC06. Maybe staying for 5-6 days. Lanie & me r plng to meet her up.. Eyna & Sheryl & Naddy maybe be tagging along too.. I nak SMS u tapi my phone book kat HP ni ada problem sket.. So r u interested?

Detail: venue TBA, tentative 18DEC06 mon after work, tapi kena check n confirm KuE nye time dulu..

Queens City said...

whoooaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa..... equal to...u gud la kakak....

Jade said...

i'm grateful too...

DNAS said...

on the 18th I'll be in Putrajaya, not sure until what time. Nanti will confirm semula on my availability.

makasih... makasih... makasih

I'm grateful for the tears I had,
for I cried my hearts out while watching C.I.N.T.A... hee hee.