Monday, July 16, 2007

Definitely emo state.

I don’t really ‘layan’ misery. Misery comes, misery goes. Life still goes on. I don’t cry over spilled or spoiled milk too. I’d go and buy a new carton.
I don’t ‘layan’ depressing questions from relatives too. If I were still single, and relatives kept on asking why, they’ll surely get shrugged shoulders from me. I’ve been getting depressing questions and accusations lately. I decided to just keep quiet. No comment. Not sure. Ntah. Just not in the mood to provide specific answers. Can I just live my life the way I want it to be? Can I just be myself, and not following examples? Examples are not necessarily correct, you know.

Tension? Mandiiiiiii....

Tension lagi? Mandiiiiii.....

Lipstick baruuuuuuu.....

Powder pun baruuuuuuu......

Updated on 17th July (Hari ni Alien punya birthday. Happy besday!!!)

Better still, I went to buy a whole new set of make-up because the brengseks also took my make-up pouch that I happened to keep in that laptop bag.

The old set was Maybeline. Bengang punya pasal, I upgraded my make-up and skincare to Estee Lauder. Bila Makcik bengang, Makcik suka buat benda pelik-pelik ni. So, Mr. Hubby bakal menjadi pelik jugak bila melihat Credit Card statement Makcik bulan ni.... hahahaha. Anyway, I pay for my own card usage. So, Mr. Hubby mungkin akan terkujat sebentar dan memberikan sepatah dua kata kepada Makcik supaya mengamalkan perbelanjaan berhemah.

I was less emo yesterday when my Financial Advisor (chewah, Fazlina... you are officially my Financial Advisor le...) called to inform about my Unit Trust performance. Thank god it's making good returns. I decided to do some switching to Islamic Bond. Okay, I'm making a mental note to do some research about Islamic Bonds this afternoon before I go and sign those papers with Fazlina. Hehehe. Yeah, that's me. I decide, then I research. Whatever la.


akula said...

Mandi? Erkkkk! Bukan mandi compulsory ke?

ytxis said...

OMG! u r still single?
U can have me anytime babeh!

ytxis said...

btw, ur email?

The Winged Acrophobic said...

That's the way. Get on with life. You go grrl!

D.N.A.S said...

kat malaysia ni semua orang compulsory mandi.

aiyoyo, makcik sudah kawin laaaa... anak 2. Lemme repeat the sentence:
'If I were still single and relatives kept on asking......'
Anyway, if I were still single, please don't mengorat me because I'm damn high maintenance.

winged acrophobic,
life is too short, kan?

nikfarizah said... ni, lipstick baru, powder baru...kalau gini tiap2 hari tension pun OK..hehehe!

WANSHANA said...

Hmmm...we can form a club, dear!

Bila tension aje - I go on a shopping spree! The higher the level of my "tensionness", the higher my credit card bills will be...Eherks!

But, I don't normally just shop for my own stuff - mostly for the kids.

And untuk tidak menambahkan my "ketensionness", my hubby would not comment anything, in fact most of the time he would "encourage" me to buy something nice for myself...(Errr...sindir kot? Hahaha!)

Angel Eyes said...

Something abt Islamic Bond

The Fund is suitable for investors who:
1. Want an investment that complies with the principles of syariah

2. Want to have regular income from their investment.

3. Want a professionally managed portfolio of Islamic debt securities and bonds, and

4. Require higher returns than Islamic FD at an acceptable level of risk

Returns is quite good so far. You should invest in this sis.

*my two cents*

D.N.A.S said...

usually the lipstick, powder and moisturizer will last for 3 months. So, tension 3 bulan sekali pun dah okay. :)

Kak Shana,
I shop for my own stuff. Memang .... bila I tension, I jadik selfish.. hehehe.

thank you for the recommendation. I pun baru nak belajar-belajar invest. U can be my Financial Advisor, too... yeay!

dillazag said...

dnas, sabar kak sabar.. ada hikmah tu, kalau tak, tak dapek pulak lipstick and powder baru.. :)

D.N.A.S said...

hikmah semakin rajin shopping.... hehehe.

missy is K.U said...

true indeed.
kadang2 masa abes melayan pertanyaan2 yang tidak perlu, yg tidak kena mengena dengan diri lagi sakit hati!

Angel Eyes said...

Sure can. If you need help, juz lemme know sis

Leilanie said...

lunch tomorrow...... my promise to you kena kotakan....

Usual place. Jap. Noon.
(decipher the code)
hee hee

D.N.A.S said...

iye, kita kena belajar mem'filter' itu semua. Life is too short to spent worrying over petty things.

dah abis exam? Jom makan sushi (refer to Leilanie's comment).

roger. Code dechipered. C u there tomorrow.

all jazzed up said...

i am definitely in an emo state right now too. And I'm quite pissed that somebody read my blog and made such a big freaking deal out of it (siapa suruh baca kan?). Hehe.. sorry darling, I'm projecting my anger here pulak.

all jazzed up said...

oops, lupa nak cakap - try the dior blushers - they make you glow like an angel. Seriously.

Leilanie said...

OK............. see ya.....

D.N.A.S said...

we tried the blusher and eye shadow. My colleague ended up buying the eye shadow. I'll be adding another lipstick, blusher and the eye shadow to my collection next month. hehehehe. It's called beauty investment....;)