Monday, July 09, 2007

My house kena rompak!!!!!!

Memang brengsek loh!
Kok rumah aku sudah dirampok tidak lama dulu. Kenapa harus kamu rampok lagi rumah aku?
Aku doakan, kamu cirit-birit langsung mampus kalau kamu makan dari hasil kamu merampok rumah aku itu. Ngerti kok?

---> That is not the latest hit song from Dewa19. Definitely not a poem by Pramoedya, either. That's just my spilled anger for losing an IBM Thinkpad, a brand new SONY VAIO, a TAG Heuer, a NIKON digital camera and hundreds of cash money.

As I've written here about the world is filled with bad people, I think most of them prefers to operate in my neighbourhood. We are not rich lah damn it! You need to get rick quick, go and work 20 hours a day, lah. Breaking and entering is not an occupation here.

This time, the modus operandi was quite different. They brought a long stick (about 10 ft) usually used for wall painting jobs. The stick look worn as it's stained with paint of various colors. It's made of 2 pieces of sticks, joined with tali rafia in the middle. (Will upload the closed up pics once I could Bluetooth somewhere.) They managed to force open the front window, used the long stick and pulled the keys we put on the shoe rack. The shoe rack is near our dining table, approximately 9 feet from the front window. They used the keyes to open our front door.

The brengsek prampok's tool:

The 'galah panjang' used. They left it on my laman (please ignore the sorry state of my laman... hehehe.. focus on the 'galah', ok.)

Middle part of the 'galah panjang'. It was strong enough to be used for 'mengait rambutan'.

Confirmed, it's used for wall or ceiling painting. It could have been owned by building contractors, artists (?) or 'tukang cat'.


My FIL was awaken at 5.00 a.m and saw the front door ajar, yet he felt it's normal. He thought it was my hubby. (Helloooooo! Never in history my hubby wakes up at 5, unless it's fasting month.) My FIL went back to sleep. At 6 ++ he woke up for Subuh prayer and realized the door was wide opened, only then he alerted us.

We woke up to find papers scattered on the dining table and the said items were missing. My FIL was in a state of panic. Who wouldn't, especially when you just realized that the thieves were only a few metres from your bed. (My FIL sleeps in the room next to the dining area.)

So, I prepared the kids and drove them to the kindergarten before we went to file police report.

I think tonight they're going pay the 'kongsi' near my house a surprise visit. Yaaa... aku doakan kamu dicekup ini malam. Pergi tidur dalam lokap sejuk itu! Brengsek!

So, to all residents of Bandar K1nrara (and all my dear readers too), break the habit. A sophisticated alarm system can't help if the 'brengseks' know where you usually place your house keys.


The Winged Acrophobic said...

Makes my blood boil and fists roll up. Berani betul celaka-celaka tu. May they be caught soon. My sympathies to you and your family.

Sarclover said...


memang brengsek. Akak marah okeh, marah!

like what you said, these stupid fuckers tak pulak attempt rumah YB2 and dato'2 yang banyak duit tak hengat punya!

memang celaka Loh!!! may they swallow their own excrement in gay heaven!

Leilanie said...

Brengsek kamu!
Biar kamu dilanggar kereta, biar kamu tak mampus tapi diheret 10km hingga nyawa kamu di penghujung jalan namum kamu tetap bernafas.......... supaya kamu dapat merasai betapa peritnya kehilangan sesuatu yang berharga..........


memang betul..... keys need to be placed where it cannot be reached.
Soooo sorry to hear about these brengsek at work!

guess499 said...

Sorry to hear that... melampau betul depa ni.. ada org kat rumah pon sempat lagi.. kalau takde agak nye bawa lori angkut brg2... kinda scary lak dok rumah teres.. byk open angle.. even thru roof pon boleh.. :(
Just wondering.. ada guard tak?

D.N.A.S said...

Winged acrophobic,
thank you for the concern. Kalau ikutkan hati, mau aje I pegi amuk rumah kongsi tu.

sebenarnya rumah Datuk2 pun ada jugak yang kena. Sampai keluar kat Bulletin Utama. Tapi, kesianlah kami2 yang baru nak belajar hidup ni, kan? Dahlah hutang keliling pinggang, kena rampok pulak.

scarynya sumpahan you tu.
I'm now trying to figure out where to put the keys. :). Padlock semua I dah tukar dah.

iye betul. That's why aku bosan jugak duduk kat link house ni. Dulu masa duduk apartment lagi bahagia hidup aku.

WANSHANA said...

Dear d.n.a.s,

I'm so sorry to hear about the break-in!!! Syukur alhamdulillah, they did not harm your family.

I have a story to tell - we just got vacant possession of our new house two weeks ago whereby we were given 3 sets of keys to the the house and we were assured that those were the only sets of keys around. Imagine to our horror when we went to the house last weekend and discovered that the sub-contractor had actually went into the house to work on the hairline cracks around the house (mind you we have not lodged a formal complaint on the defects pun!!) with HIS own set of keys to our house, WITHOUT our permission, and they left all the doors opened when they left the property!

We are demanding the Developer to declare the delivery of VP as null and void, and are demanding them to bear all the cost of us replacing all the locks to the property.

You wouldn't want to move in if you knew somebody else has the keys to your house, would you?!!!

The point is - sometimes even if you keep the keys in a safe place pun, you'll never know if all these sub-contractors had in fact duplicated the keys before the handing over of VP!!!

Those who are reading this - you'd better change all the locks before you move into your new house.

AM said...

ya Allah! jahatnya manusia2 itu! takziah. alhamdulillah takde siapa yang tercedera. mudah2an mereka mendapat balasan sewajarnya.

all jazzed up said...

dayang, i so sympathize with you. dahla benda2 yang hilang semuanya whatchamacallit... BERHARGA!!! My friend in Kajang had it worse, kena tie up satu family, master bedroom kena pecah with tong gas. That was scary as hell.

Baru nak suruh awak help fundraise at my blog. Hee hee....

ku E said...

D dearie, m so sorry to hear about this. i guess why not u keep it my way -- here in my grandma's house, only grandma (of course), my parents and i have the main door keys. so we keep our sets to ourselves no matter where we go. this way... people never see our main door keys scattered around okay. so for those other door keys, we kept them in a closed cabinet/cupboard etc. hope this helps. u take care ya!

akula said...

Man, you really should be extra careful. This is really bad news.

ytxis said...

Hey! hope everything is okay now

D.N.A.S said...

Kak Shana,
my developer has a policy that sub-contractors can only fix the defects in the presence of the owner. I also noticed that most of my neighbours replaced their main doors too. They told me the standard doors are unreliable because you don't know how many sub-cons have the keys.

tengkiu. Rasa macam nak pindah duduk apartment semula. Huu huu.

jiran belakang rumah aku kena 3 weeks ago. Diorang pun kena ikat and ugut. Kesian sangat sebab ramai orang tua2. Barang2 aku tu, laptop semua company punya. Cuma jam and digital camera ajelah my hubby punya.

Thanks for the tips. Maybe I need to buy more furniture in the house because now my house is so lengang, people can spot even the tiniest thumb drive from outside the gate. No need to scan thru the isi rumah because there is only one shoe rack there.

hehehe. Need to re-deploy the safety and security rules in the household.

alhamdulillah, I'm okay. After I did the police report that day, saw the news about the little girl who was killed and burned; my anger terus vanished, because I think my case was not as devastating.

deqnon said...

Uikkk Yanggg ...

Cian ko, kali kedua dah kan ... :) ... anyway hope this will make u cheers up sikit ... jersey germany tu color merah ... ok kan ... :) ...

:) ... regards deqnon ...

Azer Mantessa said...


i'm so sorry. the least you are safe but losses are losses.

take it as another test from God. still am so sorry.

Leilanie said...
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Leilanie said...

hee hee hee.....
Your pain, my pain, mah........
Sister-power gitu!

We keep ours..... in a cabinet far away from the main door.

Anonymous said...

what makes you sure they're indonesian? hmmmm....

D.N.A.S said...

okay tu... janji Germany.

alhamdulillah... another test. I hope I keep on passing with flying colors.

no pain, no gain... hehehe.

karna ada yang melihat nya, dong! Tapi tidak sempat mengecam aje.

Nour said...

am so sorry, but thank GOD you and your family were not harmed.

I think sekarang ni merompak and menyamun ni dah berleluasa.. Scary ain it?

Take care.

nikfarizah said... sorry to hear about this bad news, but alhamdulillah they did not harm your family.

My suggestion, keep your key in a closed compartment (eg. drawer) thus, nobody will see it from outside.

Angel Eyes said...


Celaka punye perampok!

D.N.A.S said...

memang scary. Rasa macam nak pegi apply lesen senapang la.

lepas ni kitorang sume gantung kunci kat leher kot. Hihihi.

Tuesday night, a group of Ind0ns from that kongsi was walking in front of my house carrying loads of shopping bags and a brand new radio. Sambil jalan tu diorang borak2 and toleh2 kat I. Hangin tak?

UglyButAdorable said...


u know my mom's place pun pernah kena rompak gak...that time was just after the renovation....dier nyer MO macam it's someone who knows the house and ways to get in..hantu betul!!!!

panas jer hati!!! nevertheless alhamdullilah takder saper dlm family you yg cedera...


Cosmic_GurL said...

Oh no!! Thank god your family wasnt harmed. Just bersyukur for that kay. Harta benda blh carik but life is irreplaceable.

Takder polis peronda ke?

hazyr said...

emmm... they must be 'professionals'! To pull out the keys 9 feet away without dropping them on the floor needs 'skills and determination'!

Hope they get caught soon... it's unsettling to think that these criminals are still roaming around!

Take care sis.

ruby ahmad said...

Hi D.N.A.S,

Sorry to hear of this nasty incident. I baca pun I naik gerrram with them. Macamana dia tau where you kept your keys? Inside job ni. Duh! It does look like some construction workers were moonlighting. Hope they nab the thieves soon (but I have my doubts looking at the rampant thefts all around...sigh). Take care.

katakbesar said...


very sad to know about the break-in
chuckled a bit as i was reading your illustration of events
relieved to know that no physical casualities

just a couple of weeks ago;

a friend's house (in Bangi) pun kena at 5.00am
- depa satu famili kene ikat
- the brengsek only took cash and hphones
- the brengsek tak berkenan golf set and laptops agaknya, so were left untouched
- they just moved in to the house 3 days prior
- the brengsek remain at large

another friend (in Dungun) pun kena
- no body was in the house, cuti ke KL
- few household items stolen
- the brengsek was caught in a week, a local boy - unemployed

DrFrappucino said...

Whattt! shocker.... sorry to hear that....

my house pon kene rompak dulu.. mase tu umur 11 yeard old.. and they stole my wristwatch harga RM40, desperate beetoii depa

stay strong dear!!

kimi azhan said...


hang in there... Am sure the "pesalah" will be nailed down one day. You just hand in there and banyak-2 bersabar

D.N.A.S said...

usually they will only attack houses yang dia dah monitor for some time. That's why we have to break our habits.

kitorang ada hire security guards, tapi biasalah... macam hampeh.

ha'ah... i imagine mesti diorang buat tu ala-ala sukaneka gitu, kan?

my house tak banyak furniture, memang senang nak nampak kat mana I simpan barang-barang.

katak besar,
i bersyukur jugak sebab diorang just ambik barang and tak kacau kitorang. Kalau tak, mesti lagi haru biru.

i'm upgrading my alarm system. hehehe. Nasib baik I takde jam. Kalau hilang jam, memang tension, kan?

iye... betul... betul... biar dia menderita dunia akhirat.