Tuesday, October 23, 2007

Balik kampung lagi

This year, it was the first time I went back to kampong twice for Raya. The first time was on the Raya eve, and then the second time was on last Friday night – to attend my cousin’s wedding. Our late fathers were brothers. Although our fathers were always in disagreement about almost everything (her father was a fanatic PAS member, while my late father didn’t have any political stand – well, actually he never told us which party he chose during election), we, the cousins remain quite close to each other. We paid each other visits during Raya, engagements and weddings.

My family played host for the groom’s family who came all the way from Muar, Johor. I was supposed to go back on Friday afternoon to help out with some food preparation but was unable to.

So, on Thursday night I baked (again) another chocolate cake and a carrot cake (I found the recipe in this month’s Aniqah magazine – it was damn sweeeeeet. So, Mz Hayam if you’re reading this, I desperately need to experiment on your recipe because I know it’s much better, heh).

This time my mom was almost impressed with my ‘kindness’ and ‘rajinness’. Yeah, if you’ve known me for 33 years, you’ll know that this is SO not me. I know, my mom still remembers me as the young girl who burnt her pot and made a rock-hard cookie some 20 years ago. Come to think about those years, I realized I have come a long way – in cooking and doing other house chores. Let’s just say I’m the lazy tomboy who has finally turned into a woman. Hehe.

The wedding was like any kampong weddings, the kampong people prepared the dishes earlier that Saturday morning. The gulai kerbau, sambal and sayur umbut were ready by 9a.m before the family members headed to the surau for the ‘akad nikah’ ceremony.

My cousin looked fabulous in her ‘nikah’ attire. She’s about 30 but doesn’t even look 27.

Her groom is younger and I thought he looked only 24 y.o that day.

I never knew my cousin supports Holland football team. Look at the color of her choice!

The ‘ayam golek’ served during 'makan beradap' was simply delicious, I tell you. Tak sempat nak masuk dalam gambar, sebab dah licin.

Meanwhile, in the midst of preparing Raya food and the baking chaos, I accidentally injured myself. This scar will always remind me of the year when I started baking again, eh?

Since the mommy was 'badly' injured, the children had to help wash her car, lah. Hahaha. They were enjoying every minute of it. Ini bukan kes penderaan or buruh paksa, ok.


Da Winged Acrophobic said...

Amboi! Balik kampung dua kali. Ayam golek? Tak pernah makan la, ada recipe tak? BTW, kids will only enjoy basuh kereta orang tua fo so long. Catch them when they're young. Like you did.

D.N.A.S said...

En. Wingy,
Ayam golek is roasted whole Chicken done the Malay style, with spicy coconut milk based gravy. You'll find it at most Malay weddings. It's served at the pengantin's table during makan beradap.